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Man In Germany Murders His Own Grandmother, When Police Officers Try To Stop Him, He Murders The Cops

By Theodore Shoebat A man in Germany murdered his own grandmother, when two police officers tried to stop him the murdered them by running them over with his car. If this killer was a migrant, this story would he have been a major story, and the Counterjihad would have been all over it. But the […]

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Muslims Attack Five Christians And Execute All Of Them, They Take Another Two Christians, Burn Them Alive And Throw Their Bodies Onto The Street

By Theodore Shoebat It looks like Egypt is turning into another Iraq or Syria in which Christians and others have been being butchered and enslaved. In Egypt, the killing of Christians is becoming more and more brutal and common. Just recent, five Christians in Egypt were executed by Muslim terrorists, and they also took two more […]

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Unrepentant ISIS Soldier On Death Row Brags ‘Allah Has Given Us License To Destroy You Americans- I Tortured And Murdered Over 300 People For Allah And Would Happily Do It Again’

Sitting on death row waiting for execution, ISIS fighters opened up about their deeds. Unsurprisingly, they were unrepentant. They said Allah had given them license to kill, and some even bragged about how many they butchered and said they would gladly do it again: Inside a low-slung concrete building ringed by blast walls and razor […]

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Major Terrorist Supporter And Muslim Convert Declares To Muslims ‘Don’t Worry About Going To War- Conquer The Infidels By Outbreeding Them’

I have been warning what this woman is saying over and over: A Sydney Muslim psychologist and ABC religion contributor writer has called on her ‘brothers and sisters in Islam’ to keep reproducing so their religion can one day overtake Christianity. Hanan Dover made the seemingly tongue-in-cheek comments on Facebook next to a story predicting […]

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