Archive | March 17, 2017

Tomi Lahren Declares That She Supports Infanticide And Believes That Women Have The Right To Murder Their Own Children

By Theodore Shoebat Tomi Lahren recently declared that she supports abortion, which is just another way of saying she is for infanticide and for a woman’s right to murder to her own child. This is just another evidence as to the dark reality of the right-wing: many elites and popular figures within the right-wing are […]

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Make No Mistake, The Name Calling In Black American Discussion Circles Is Mirrored In American Politics And Is A Reflection Of The Lack Of Reasonable Discourse In Society As A Whole

In all societies there are “minority” groups which exist within the relative “majority.” Because these groups are a “minority,” while they do not always reflect the opinions of the greater society, the opinions and the effects of the opinions of the greater society are more strongly reflected in the actions and reactions of these minority […]

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