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The Government Of Japan Has Just Changed The Rules And Will Allow Shinzo Abe To Run For A Third Term

By Theodore Shoebat The government of Japan has changed the rules and will allow Shinzo Abe to run for a third term, which is a shift from the previous limit of two terms. I did a video on the implications of this: WERE ARE ABOUT TO ENTER A NEW WORLD WORD WAR, A BLOOD BATH […]

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TOP INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING REVEALS That Richard Spencer, Jared Taylor And Many Major Alt-Right Leaders Who Claim To Combat Muslim Immigration Are Caught On Video In Bed With The Top Islamist Nation In The World: The Neo-Ottomans Of Turkey

By Theodore And Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special, in advance) When we state that Jared Taylor and Richard Spencer are in bed with Muslims and Nazis, the typical Breitbart and Info Wars blue-pill consumers would instantly comment without even blinking an eye:  “Impossible, why would conservative anti-Muslim groups be in bed with Nazis and Muslims?” While an ignorant […]

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Muslim Assassins Break Into The Home Of A Christian Family, They See The Son And Immediately Kill Him, They Then Walk Into The Bedroom And See A Husband And Wife On The Bed And Shoot The Husband. One Of The Terrorists Take Out A List And Check Off The Names Of The Son And The Father, And Then Leave

By Theodore Shoebat Muslim assassins in Egypt broke into the home of a Christian family; they saw the son and immediately shot him. They walked into bedroom and shot the husband dead as he lay next to his wife, who was now screaming in utter horror. They asked the wife for the names of those […]

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Bosnian Muslim Jailed For Kidnapping Serbian Man, Cutting His Head Off With An Axe, Then Sawing His Genitals Off And Stuffing Them In His Mouth

During the Bosnian war, Muslims went on a rampage of murder and mayhem across the land. Their primary target was the Christian population, which consisted mostly of Serbians. The violence was so bad that Muslims were rounding up Christians and then shipping them to actual human slaughterhouses where they were butchered like animals and their organs sold […]

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BOMBSHELL — Newly Discovered Evidence Reveals What The Media Will Never Expose: There Is A Major Islamic Conspiracy Being Done By Extremely Powerful And Wealthy Globalist Elites To Create A Muslim Nazi Empire And Destroy All Of Christianity And Enact A Huge Genocide Of All Christians Around The World

By Theodore And Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special, in advance) In this absolute bombshell, you get to watch an American ‘conservative’ leading activist suggest that some hotel in Turkey has become the new Builderberger Hotel. His remarks are not the conspiracy theories you’re used to reading about some shadowy world government looking to impose its will across the globe. Here […]

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