Archive | March 20, 2017

Engineer In The UK Makes Another Major Advance In Sex Robot Technology, Takes Another Step On The Road To Gomorrah

Once thought of as something for lonely and strange men, “sex robots” are rapidly losing the social stigma they once had and are becoming popular the world over as companies and individuals are locked in a battle for who can make the a more attractive machine. Drawing on experts from robotics, bioengineering, social sciences, metallurgy, and from […]

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The State Of Ohio Bans Abortion For Unborn Babies In The Womb For Twenty Weeks

By Theodore Shoebat The State of Ohio’s twenty week abortion ban took effect today, prohibiting abortion for unborn babies that are 20-weeks post conception. Hopefully they will just outright the diabolical practice completely. But I am not that optimistic As we read in one report: Ohio’s 20-week abortion ban took effect today with no signs […]

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The Government Of Alabama Wants To Ban Brutal Abortion Process In Which Unborn Babies Are Cut To Pieces And Dismembered

By Theodore Shoebat The government of Alabama wants to ban a brutal form of abortion in which the unborn child is cut to pieces and dismembered. Hopefully they can actually get this ban going as opposed to getting impeded by some pro-infanticide force. As we read in one report: Alabama, with support from other conservative […]

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Muslims Attack Christians And Destroy Their Church, The Christians Declare: “We Don’t Worship A God Of Buildings. Our God Is In Here” And Point To Their Hearts

By Theodore Shoebat A very inspiring story has been released on how after ISIS agents destroyed a Christian church, the Christians declared: “We don’t worship a God of buildings. Our God is in here” and pointed to their hearts. As we read in one report: The Islamic State has pushed it’s way across Iraq and […]

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Christian Leaders Declare To Donald Trump: ‘Why Haven’t You Done Anything To Protect Christians From Islamic Violence?’

By Theodore Shoebat Various Christian leaders are now questioning Trump, asking him as to why he has not anything to protect Christians from Islamic violence. As we read in one report: Donald Trump is being urged to step up his support for persecuted Christians and other religious minorities as a year passed since the US’ […]

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