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Planned Parenthood Is An Absolutely Evil Nazi Organization That Wants To Do Population Control On The American Population, Its Whole Mission Is To Destroy Humanity

By Theodore Shoebat Planned Parenthood is absolutely evil Nazi organization that wants to do population control on the American population, its whole mission is to destroy humanity. I did a whole video on this: WERE ARE ABOUT TO ENTER A NEW WORLD WORD WAR, A BLOOD BATH IS ABOUT TO COMMENCE AS THE EMPIRE OF […]

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Officers In Mexico Discover A Giant Grave, They Begin Searching It And Find The Heads Of 250 People

By Theodore Shoebat A mass grave in the Mexican state of Veracruz was discovered recently, holding 250 human skulls. This could be the largest mass grave discovered in Mexico thus far. I did a whole video on this: According to one report: Two hundred and fifty skulls have been found in a mass grave in […]

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Muslim Mother And Son Abandon Islam And Embrace Christ, They Are Arrested By Secret Police And May Be Executed For Apostasy

Anouza Reza-Bakhsh and Soheil Zagarzadeh Sani were Muslims from Iran who secretly embraced Christ. They traveled to Turkey where they were baptized by a Catholic priest, taking the names Veronika and Augustine. However, somebody reported them and in the middle of the night they were arrested and now nobody knows where they are. Under Iranian […]

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Major Conservative Media Figure Declares ‘You Don’t Have A Right To Have Children If You Don’t Make Enough Money’

Jerry Agar is a famous conservative media personality from Canada. Working in radio and television in both the USA and Canada and formerly a part of the Sun News Network, Jerry Agar was standing in for Ezra Levant at Rebel Media when he made this segment, entitled’ Struggling to pay bills? Then don’t have kids’: […]

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ISIS Takes Over Town In Egypt, Sets Up Military Checkpoints And Is Checking ID Cards To Hunt Down Any Remaining Christians There

Scarcely two weeks ago, we reported that hundreds of Christians were found fleeing from the town of El-Arish, Egypt as ISIS closed in and promised to hunt down, round up, and exterminate all Christians. In another breaking move, it has come out that ISIS has just set up checkpoints in and around El-Arish and are […]

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Muslim Terrorist Attacks Christian Man And Slits His Throat, The Government Of Egypt Catches Him And Sentences Him To Death

By Theodore Shoebat The Muslim terrorist in Egypt who slit a Christian man’s throat, a horrific event which we have reported on before, has been sentenced to death by the government of Egypt. As we read in one report: An Egyptian court sentenced a Muslim man to death on Thursday for murdering a Christian who sold alcohol, […]

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New Jersey Town Rejects Mega Mosque Application After It Doesn’t Get Enough Votes, Now The Justice Department Is Investigating

Last year we documented how a major mosque was being placed in a quiet suburban neighborhood in New Jersey. The city voted in favor of the mosque, but it did not receive enough votes for approval. Now in a sudden change, the Federal Justice Department is going to investigate the matter: The federal Justice Department […]

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