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Muslim Family In Somalia Secretly Abandons Islam And Becomes Christians, Muslims Find Out, Break Into Their House In The Night And Riddle The Family With Bullets While They Sleep

Somalia is one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a Christian in. The Muslims there are so hateful of Christianity they are known to murder even other Muslims they think might be a Christian. Because of this, converts in Somalia have to keep their Christianity a secret for fear of their […]

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‘They Are Monsters’ Nine Year Old Girls Captured By ISIS Are Beaten, Tortured, And Raped Continually For Almost Two Years Until Escaping

Nadya and Lamya, pictured above, are two girls who have been through hell. Captured by ISIS, for the next two years they were raped, tortured, beaten, and forced to carry dangerous weapons, including suicide belts, for the terrorists until they were able to escape, according to one report: Lamya Aji Bashar Taha, a young Yazidi […]

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Devout Muslims On Facebook Call For Dissolving Muslim Woman’s Face In Acid After She Puts Up Picture Without Hijab And Sitting With Non-Muslims

The woman on the far right of this photo is Azniya Ashmin. A Muslim from Kerala, India, this photo of her and sitting with these Hindus caused a firestorm on Facebook, with Muslims calling for dissolving her face in acid as a punishment for ‘barking against Islam’: Azniya Ashmin, a Bengaluru-based Kerala woman, put up […]

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Atheists Attack And Kidnap Two Christian Pastors, Strip Them Naked And Severely Beat Them With Metal Rods

By Theodore Shoebat Atheist Communists in Vietnam kidnapped two Christian pastors, stripped them naked and beat them with metal rods, as we read in one report: Two Christian pastors in Vietnam claim that they were kidnapped, stripped of their clothes, robbed and beaten with metal rods by security officers as they tried to make their […]

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Pope Francis Declares This Statement About The Persecution Of Christians: “How Many People Are Being Persecuted Because Of Their Faith, Forced To Abandon Their Homes, Their Places Of Worship, Their Lands, Their Loved Ones!”

By Theodore Shoebat Pope Francis just declared this message about the persecution of Christians: “How many people are being persecuted because of their faith, forced to abandon their homes, their places of worship, their lands, their loved ones!” His description fits what is currently taking place in Egypt where many Christian families are now fleeing from […]

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Major Christian Persecution Is Taking Place in Egypt, Christian Families Now Fleeing As Islamic Terrorists Begin Kidnapping And Slaughtering Christians

By Theodore Shoebat Major Christian persecution is taking place in Egypt, Christian families are now fleeing as Christians are being kidnapped and slaughtered by Islamic terrorists. As we read in one report: The Coptic Christian community of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula is under siege from a growing number of militant Islamists, including ISIS members, who target […]

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