Archive | March 13, 2017

Germany Plans On Increasing Its Military Size To Close To A Quarter Of A Million Soldiers

By Theodore Shoebat Germany is planning on increasing its military size to close to a quarter of a million soldiers. I did a whole video on this: According to the report: Germany’s Defense Ministry has announced it will increase the number of professional soldiers by around 10 percent. It comes amid increasing pressure for Germany […]

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The Government Of Japan Is Going To Send Right Near China The Largest Warship It Owns, In The Strongest Show Of Military Force It Has Ever Displayed Since The Second World War. This Is Another Sign That War With Japan Is Inevitable

By Theodore Shoebat The government of Japan is going to be sending, right near China, the largest warship it owns, in its strongest show of military force since the Second World War. It just another evidence as to the inevitability of war in East Asia. I did a whole video on this: According to the report: […]

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Muslims All Over The World Are Up In Arms Over A Bill To Stop Mosques From Blasting The Call To Prayer Over Jerusalem

By Walid Shoebat In Jerusalem and all throughout Judaea, right after a Jew loves his wife at midnight, smoked a cigarette and then began snoozing, three hours later, he is awakened by moaning of a different kind: In the Muslim world, depending on the day on the calendar, everyone must wake up 3 to 5 hours past midnight for the Fajr (Dawn) daily prayer when […]

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Iraqi Christians Declare To The West- ‘Our Muslim Neighbors Robbed, Raped, And Murdered Us And Our Children- We Are NOT Going Back To Iraq!’

Since the start of the Iraq War in 2003, Christianity in Iraq and Syria has been under constant attack by Muslim groups such as ISIS. Once over a million Christians in the area, most have either fled, been murdered, or are now refugees so much that there are only a few thousand left. Now that […]

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