Archive | March 10, 2017

Muslim Family Realizes That Islam Is A False Religion, And Converts To Christianity. Muslim Terrorists Break Into Their House, Shoot The Wife To Death And Murder The Son Right In Front Of The Father

By Theodore Shoebat A Muslim family in Somalia realized that Islam is a false religion, and converted to Christianity. Muslim terrorists broke into their home, shot the wife to death and murdered the son in front of the father. As we read in one report on this absolutely sad and horrific story: A Somalia family […]

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“Yugoslavian Man” With “Mental Problems” Goes On Axe Murder Rampage In German Train Station

In Germany, a “Yugoslavian man” with “mental problems” has just been arrested after he took and axe and went on a murderous rampage, hacking a people in a public train station and leaving a bloody mess wherever he went: A MAN armed with an axe has gone on a rampage at a train station in Germany, […]

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Thirty People Are Dead After Muslim Terrorists Disguise Themselves As Doctors, Walk Into A Hospital And Go On A Murderous Rampage

One of the terrorists In a report coming out of Afghanistan, terrorists claiming to be with ISIS disguised themselves as doctors and walked into a hospital. Once inside, they pulled out automatic rifles, grenades, and machetes, and began indescriminately attacking doctors and sick people alike. So far, 30 people were murdered and at least 50 […]

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