Islamic Terrorists Use Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles To Attack Russian Soldiers. The Russians Shoot Them Down And Conclude That Another Government Is Supplying Islamic Terrorists With This Technology

By Theodore Shoebat

Islamic terrorists used “unmanned combat aerial vehicles” to attack Russian soldiers. The Russian troops shot down these aerial vehicles. The Russian government, after investigating the technology, has concluded that the terrorists themselves did not make these unmanned aerial weapons, and that they were supplied to the terrorists by another government. As we read in one report from RT:

Russian military have repelled a massive drone attack on its bases in Syria, which was carried out by militants, Moscow said. The extremists may have been aided by a “technologically advanced state,” it added.
The militants launched their assault during the night on Saturday, the ministry said in a statement. The Russian Kheimim Airbase in the Syrian Latakia province was attacked by 10 unmanned combat aerial vehicles, while three more attempted a strike against the Russian maritime logistics base located in the city of Tartus.

All of the drones were detected by anti-aircraft defense systems “at a considerable distance from the Russian military objects,” the ministry said. Seven of them were then successfully shot down by the Russian Panzir-S air-defense system.

The Russian radio electronic warfare specialists also managed to override the operating systems of six more drones, and eventually gained control over the UAVs. Three of them were destroyed when they hit the ground, while another three were landed intact outside the base controlled by Russian forces.

The ministry also confirmed that the attack had resulted in no casualties among Russian military personnel, and the two bases “continue to operate as normal.”

It was the “first time that terrorists massively used unmanned combat aerial vehicles of an aircraft type that were launched from a distance of more than 50 kilometers, and operated using GPS satellite navigation coordinates,” the ministry said in a statement.

The country’s specialists are now examining the seized unmanned aircraft and the recovered data has already allowed the specialists to pinpoint the exact location from which the drones were launched. The examination also showed that advanced technologies were used in the drones’ construction. They “could have been obtained only from a country possessing state-of-the-art technologies, including satellite navigation and remote control of … explosive devices [for] release at certain coordinates.”

It further added that detonators used in the militants’ Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) were “of foreign manufacture.”These facts indicate that the extremists were supplied with technologies allowing them to carry out terrorist attacks using UAVs in any country, the ministry warned.

I wonder who supplied these terrorists with this technology? Most likely some Western country.


  • Constantine’s Correspondent

    “I wonder who supplied these terrorists with this technology?”

    I immediately thought of Turkey. Germany possibly.

  • filomena seiffert

    No need to wonder, USA who continues training terrorists in its invaded base must be the one. I say, the terrorist still alive and well and USA will not give up the destruction of Syria and is very angry with Russia for having thwarted their plans to dominate Syria.

    • Constantine’s Correspondent

      Nah. It’s all part of the game. America is being used to clear the Middle East for the return of the Islamic caliphate. And then all hell will break loose.

      • filomena seiffert

        I doubt anyone can use USA for their advantage.

        • Constantine’s Correspondent

          Oh really?

  • johny man


  • Constantine’s Correspondent

    What about Turkey? It has a SATANIC government.

  • Constantine’s Correspondent

    Aaaaaaaaaaamericans and their relatively short historical memory.

    All of the Middle East mess predates Obama. It goes back to when America replaced Britain as world power and became a powerful client (read as prostitute) of Saudi Arabia to do her bidding.

    Here are some samples of past presidents’ order that contributed to the instability of the Middle East:

    * Ronald Reagan authorized the CIA to support the Afghan’s “freedom fighters” to fight the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. Former Congressman and serial womanizer, Charlie Wilson, was instrumental in getting weapons into the hands of the Afghan “freedom fighters”. When the Soviet pulled out, those fighters went on to become the Taliban, thank to Ronald Reagan and Wilson. One of those fighters that was trained by the CIA? Osama bin Laden.

    * George Bush, Sr rushed to war against Saddam Hussien when his friends in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait called for America to rudely expel Saddam Hussien. The Saudi government granted America the permission to use their kingdom as a base to launch the war against Saddam, which led Osama bin Laden and his experienced fighters, having been proven in their fight against the Soviet occupation, to stage protests and as a result, the Saudi stripped him of his citizenship and expelled him from the country. Desert Shield and Desert Storm prove to be temporary as Saddam proved he was a royal pain in the American government’s backside.

    * Bill Clinton contributed to the instability of Europe by authorizing American military involvement that broke up Yugoslavia which continues to cause infighting among Orthodox and Catholics based on what nationality they are, and Bill Clinton backed the Muslims in their ethnic cleansing.

    * George Bush, Jr, was deceived into invading Iraq based on Iran’s manipulation and the desire to “finish” what his father started and helped transform a stable Iraq into the hellhole it is. Furthermore, Iraq is now a vassal state of Iran thanks to Bush. If Bush had simply been a man, he would have told Saddam to knock his nonsense off, and send a few cruise missiles to show he mean business.

    * Obama continued the work that Bush Jr started by helping initiate what is now called Arab Winter.

    * Trump is finishing up what all started.

    As an American and one who voted for Trump, I have to be honest and say that America has been used and played like a fiddle. The Muslim Brotherhood knew that America would do their bidding as long as America’s oil supply is not threatened. That is why I say that Saudi Arabia is the Mother of Harlots as Revelation described. America is her client, a very powerful one, that is easily manipulated.

    America is doing the Islamists’ dirty work by removing Saddam and Gaffafi in order for Turkey to return the Islamic Caliphate that the British and French successfully killed after World War I. We are getting closer to the realization of Erdogan’s dream and it’s all thanks to America’s extreme shortsightedness and addiction to foreign oil.

  • magaforever

    Lol funny another guy said im not right on much but on this i am and that this has turkey written all over it…even so ..if rogue filthy eath worthy elememts in american government did do that that is not “our” American plan.. No sorry doesmt work that way…unless you want to also give responsibility of the crimes of every other government to its citizens then i dont wanma hear about it like its “our” collective wrongdoing…america does much good but the arrogant america hating bastards never speak of that