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Thousands Of ISIS Fighters Will Not “Break Out,” They Will Be Called To Active Duty As Trump Prepares To Murder More Christians

Right now there is much talk about Turkey’s pending “invasion” of Syria, which has to be permitted by the US since if Turkey was really invading, she would just march in. Now there is a fear that if Turkey goes in, that tends of thousand of ISIS prisoners and “sleeper cells” will activate. ISIS fighters […]

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Is Refugee Crisis 2.0 In Progress Right Now?

The refugee crisis that began in late 2015 was directly connected to US foreign policy movement in Syria and Libya intended to weaken the nations and bring about a massive displacement of people from said regions and points further south and east into Europe. reported that it was uncovered on at least two occasions […]

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China Makes A Pathetic Attempt At Looking Competent In The Agricultural Markets

Right now, China is in the middle of a food crisis because due to serious agricultural mismanagement, a giant population, and systematic corruption, she cannot grow her own food and relies on the US to import key commodities such as soy and pork. Without both of these, China could face a revolution. But now, China […]

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Old Russian Woman Butchers Three Small Children Because They Were “Noisy”, Cooks Their Flesh Into Treats And Gave Them To Other Children To Eat

Cannibalism is growing as a phenomenon all around the world. While it has been a problem without boundaries, Russia has a historical problem with cannibalism and serial killers. In the infamous film “Sweeney Todd,” a barber ran a shop where he would slaughter his customers, grind the bodies up into ground meat, and then prepare […]

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