Christian Pizzeria ATTACKED By Homosexual Terrorists

Crystal O’Connor co-owns a pizzeria in Indiana but they may close their doors permanently after being attacked and getting a lot of threats to burn down their pizzeria for putting forth their Christian faith. When she said she would not cater a gay wedding, the shop’s website was hacked, their Yelp profile was plastered with insults and obscene pictures, and they even received death threats and threats to burn them down.

A supporter  has begun a “GoFundMe” profile for the Pizzeria owners to help them weather the gay terrorists storm, and they have so many people angry that they’ve received over $18,000 in donations in just two hours!

Crystal talks about the onslaught in an interview with Dana Loesch:

Isn’t this exactly why there needs to be a law to protect the ability of religious people to practice their faith? Not according to the scummy degenerates who are attacking her for having some standards.

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Any of you ‘turn the other cheekers’ got something to say? Still want to ‘love the homosexuals’?

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