Erdogan of Turkey Is Kissing Up To The Jooooooooooz. Is A Peace Treaty Coming On The Horizon?

By Walid Shoebat 

Turkey’s behavior towards Israel is rather strange lately and wants to make peace with Israel. Turkey hopes re-elected Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will take steps to both mend ties with Turkey and pursue a sustainable peace with Palestine, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç told Israeli broadcaster Channel 2, in a rare interview following a rupture due to the Mavi Marmara incident in 2010.

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 Describing the election of Netanyahu as a “success,” Arınç said in a video broadcast on the website of the channel that “Turkey expects and hopes the Israeli government will express its strong political will to end strife with Palestine.”

“Thus, if Netanyahu is to make a new start, if he will make a gesture to Turkey to boost confidence in terms of restoring relations, we think that it would be right that he expresses that his will for peace is strong,” he said.

Arınç also said removing the blockade on Gaza and choosing Turkey as a good partner would help maintain peace in the Middle East and correspondingly help guarantee Israel’s security, he said.
It is not right for Turkey to comment negatively or positively about the elections in Israel as that it is a matter only for the Israeli people, Arınç said.

Turkey is not a home for anti-Semitic thoughts and the country is proud of this, he added.

“The Turkish people can react strongly to the actions of the Israeli state, not Jews,” he added. “And we think that we are right in such a reaction.”

Arınç also commented on the nuclear talks between Western powers and Iran, saying it was the Islamic republic’s right to possess nuclear energy, while adding that nuclear weapons were a completely different issue.

“This should be controlled very well,” he said. “And Iran should be open to all kinds of inspections.”

In November 2014, the governor of Edirne province, Dursun Ali Sahin, caused a controversy when he called for the synagogue to be confiscated from the Jewish community and turned into a museum because of what he called “the rumblings of war from the [Israeli] criminals, who are destroying the Al-Aqsa Mosque and killing Muslims there.”

Yet on March 27th, a lavish ceremony was held in the city of Edirne, in northwestern Turkey, to re-consecrate the city’s Great Synagogue. The Turks now are all of sudden in love with the Jewish faith?

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Netanyahu recently engaged in a fresh war of words after Erdoğan slammed Netanyahu for daring to attend a Paris march along with other world leaders to protest terrorism following the deadly attack on the office of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

Then Netanyahu responded: “I believe [Erdoğan’s] shameful remarks must be repudiated by the international community, because the war against terror will only succeed if it’s guided by moral clarity,” Netanyahu’s office quoted him as telling visiting leaders of the U.S. pro-Israel lobby AIPAC.

Now Turkey wants to put all this behind?

Turkey’s position on Iran is rather strange and would disappoint Saudi Arabia, the nation that rides Turkey spiritually. This shows that Turkey and Iran seek unity. Is it no wonder then that in Ezekiel 38, Persia and Turkey are united? And in Revelation 13, the bear (Iran) and the Leopard (Turkey/Greece) pop up in the end in a combination burrito? All that despite Saudi Arabia’s disappointments that Iran is gulping up Iraq and that this harlot (Saudi Arabia) is next in line and that this beast which rides her is abandoning her to only burn her in the end as the Bible predicted?

The Turkish behavior towards Israel is rather strange, that is if one does not read his Bible, but perfectly normal for a devil in disguise; now all of the sudden, all things seem to be hunky dory and Erdogan loves Gefilte fish? I see the devil in disguise. Allah after all is “the best of all deceivers” and when it comes to the Bible, it warned that when they say “peace and safety, sudden destructions comes”.

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