After Iran’s Nuclear Deal, Antichrist Turkey Is Now Preparing For A ‘Peace Deal’ WITH ISRAEL

Turkey, and while the U.S. makes a nuclear deals with Iran, Erdogan is attempting to make deals with both, Iran, to expand his alliance, and Israel, for a false peace deal. Turkey is honed in on Israel luring her into a peace deal, now more than ever.

To eliminate my ‘special prophetic effects’, I just posted the article as is, this way no one can say this is simply my projections. This is a time to see how the Bible speaks of these times more than ever. And while the world slumbers, this is the time to stay wide awake, keeping oil in your lamps, lest you be caught asleep when the Bridegroom suddenly comes. Today’s Zaman titled their article as, AK Party may get closer to Israel after Iran’s nuclear deal, here it is:

“The ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) has started to send a number of positive messages to Israel, after Iran‘s tentative nuclear deal with major world powers on April 2, which will likely upend the Middle East’s fragile balance of power while eliminating a major security concern in the region.

In a recent interview with Israeli television, Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç said it would be a positive thing for Israel to pick Turkey as a partner, if it wants to start afresh with Turkey. He also said teaming up with Turkey would be good for Israel’s security.

Following Arınç’s remarks, Turkey’s Tel Aviv charge d’affaires Doğan Işık said Turkey and Israel are like two brotherly states and cannot be separated, despite the state of sour political relations between the two countries, in a meeting this weekend.


Işık recalled that there are eight daily flights from Tel Aviv to İstanbul and that all flights between Israel and the US and China to the US feature a stopover in İstanbul. A source from the Turkish Foreign Ministry speaking to Today’s Zaman said on Monday that “without a doubt, such a statement [sending a positive message to Israel] can only be made with the knowledge of Ankara.”

It was also learned by Today’s Zaman that Deputy Foreign Ministry Naci Koru has recently extended a message to the Israeli officials through diplomatic channels that Turkey wants to start afresh with Israel. Koru stated in his message to Israel that Turkey is ready to discuss normalizing relations with Israel.

The same source from the Foreign Ministry pointed out that clearly Turkey is sending positive messages to Israel.

Diplomatic ties between Turkey and Israel took a downturn in May of 2010 after Israeli commandos killed eight Turkish citizens and an American of Turkish origin in international waters on the Mavi Marmara ship. The Mavi Marmara was leading a “Gaza freedom flotilla” carrying humanitarian aid for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, which has been under an Israeli blockade since 2007.

The Israeli ambassador was expelled from Ankara in September of 2011 after Israel refused to apologize for the killings. Israel formally apologized in 2013 for what it called “operational mistakes” that might have led to the deaths of the victims. Turkey and Israel have been negotiating a compensation deal, but an agreement has not yet been forthcoming.

After Israel’s Gaza offensive in the summer of 2014, comments about Israel by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan have caused the rift between the two countries to deepen. Erdoğan said last July that Israel had agreed to lift its blockade of Gaza as part of normalization talks between Israel and Turkey but that Israel’s attack on Gaza reveals that it does not want normalization and so Turkey would delay the continuation of talks.

Turkey is also worried about Iran’s increasing its influence in the region. Last Thursday’s tentative nuclear agreement, which concluded after eight days of marathon talks in Switzerland, clears the way for talks on a future settlement and should allay Western fears that Iran is seeking to build a nuclear bomb and in return lift economic sanctions on Iran. However, the framework is contingent on reaching an agreement by June 30, and all sanctions on Iran remain in place until a final deal is reached.”