AN ENGLISH SIX-YEAR-OLD TRANSGENDER CHILD In Preparation For The Coming Pedophilia, Sodom And Gomorrah

By Walid Shoebat

The other day we wrote “And for the LGBT apologists to argue that their agenda has nothing to do with Pedophilia, all one has to do is examine history, homosexuality has always lead to instituting pedophilia.”

And now the BBC seems to be in on the program, encouraging even a six year old for his role in the coming Sodom and Gomorrah to revert us back to the Days of Noah:

“Lily is a 6 years old” “She was born a Boy”?????  “She”????? What a sick and degenerate society. And you want us to feel sorry for these reprobate nation when they get hit with calamities?

Are there any of these gay friendly Christians who has a lip to talk of love now? Anyone who wants to say that the Russians are wrong for eliminating this sickness? Is the video worth a thousand arguments? Or is it that folks forgot to read history and learn from it? Or is it you will only learn when Justin and Mikey and Ethan get molested? Or you think Jesus will be kind to the BBC showering them with rainbow colored banners and love?

What a vile, wicked generation full of the devil and on the way to hell.