Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Are ‘Preparing for war’ While The Middle East Fears The Rise Of Two Major Regional Superpowers: Iran and Turkey

By Walid Shoebat

Reading the papers this monday reveal a Middle East living in fear. Times of Israel warns of rumors of wars:

“Iran’s Revolutionary Guards “are preparing for war” in the event that negotiations to turn Thursday’s framework nuclear agreement into a binding deal by June 30 collapse, an Israeli TV report said Sunday night, citing Arab intelligence agencies.”

“The Israeli Channel 10 report said Arab intelligence agencies have warned “France, the UK and the US” that the Revolutionary Guards fear Iran could face a military strike should the talks break down, and that the Guards are ready to close the Strait of Hormuz and take other unspecified measures.”

One has to wonder, here is ‘Israeli media’ using ‘Arab intelligence’ to warn of ‘rumors of war’ because both the ‘Arab’ and the ‘Jew’ legitimately fear the outcome of the nuclear Iran deal.

Folks are too quick to see an Armageddon on the horizon when it could take years to fulfill one biblical verse. Iran has to go a little ways further for this to become a major concern. Iran (the bear) had to first war with Iraq (the lion), even lose at first, while preparing its children to take the mark of Allah in hope to supersede Iraq and that alone took over three decades to have Iran firmly become the ultimate winner and for it to begin its rise as a regional superpower.


Iranian woman fixing the mark of Allah on her son’s forehead

And today, everyone in the Middle East is running to and fro fearing the rise of Iran. War is not yet, these are what Jesus warned of ‘rumors of wars’ before the real war comes. Both Israel and the Arabs, and rightfully so, are afraid and will do anything to dismantle the deal with Iran.

Whoever said that the Middle East is complex was spreading myth. In the Middle East, before the Arab Spring, there where the big dogs; the Great Dane (U.S) and the Russian Caucasian shepherd (Russia). Today emerges two big dogs, the Anatolian Shepherd and the Iranian Ashayeri Sheepdog, both are bossing all the other little dogs in the neighborhood.


American Great Dane



Russian Caucasian shepherd



Iranian Ashayeri Sheepdog


Anatolian Shepherd

Obama with the latest deal with Iran turned the Middle East upside down and inside out and while they think that it was all a complicated matter, truth is, everything becomes so easy to understand just by listening to all the slogans on the streets.

“Death to Turkey,” says Egypt, and while Turkey responds “death to Egypt,” Libya too says “death to Turkey,” and while Turkey responds “death to Libya,” Saudi Arabia says “death to Iran” and while Iran responds “death to Saudi Arabia,” the Yemeni Houthis says “death to Saudi Arabia,” and while the Saudis respond “death to the Houthis,” Hamas says,” death to the Palestinian Authority,” and while the Palestinian Authority responds  “death to Hamas,” all these agree on one ‘death slogan’, that is “death to Israel and death to America”.

How complex is that?

After all, Israel and America, no thanks to Obama are being blamed in almost every Arab media for the recent Middle East power shifts and divides which gave the Anatolian dog and the Iranian Ashayeri Shepherd the lead. Removing Saddam Hussein from power and aiding the Arab Spring is now all blamed on Israel and America. So much for Obama’s attempts to regain Middle East trust and fixing America’s image in the Middle East. And today, with nuclear competition, we have generated the perfect storm for an Islamic superpower combining Iran and Turkey to call for death to Israel and America and to start World War III.


Reading all the newspapers in the Middle East today all reflect a very nervous media which are all warning that hell is to be paid and America and Israel are at fault.

First we have Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinians, a tiny Chihuahua dog running to Al-Sisi of Egypt since he does not like the new boss’s demands, Erdogan of Turkey has got the little hound’s ears wide open after Erdogan was pressuring him to acquiesce to Hamas. All that while Hamas runs to both Turkey and Iran gaining support from the two emerging superpowers in the region. Anyone who depends on Arab nationalism in the region knows well his days are numbered and that a super Islamic, loosely united coalition, is on the horizon in which everyone must join willfully or through sheer submission.


Mahmoud Abbas


Turkey and Iran will extend an Islamist influence. Turkey is currently expressing its willingness to provide assistance to Hamas through pressure on the Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in order to advance the Palestinian reconciliation forward while the Palestinian Authority refuses the Turkish mediation and affirm their commitment to the Egyptian mediation. Abbas stressed that Turkey would not play the role of honest broker between the parties and it is working to bring down the Palestinian National Authority Mahmoud Abbas, and through the support of Hamas.

Egyptian mediation is a major setback for Turkey due to Egypt’s tensions with Hamas for the latter’s  involvement in terrorist attacks and bombings aimed at Sinai.

aa copy

Then we have Saudi Arabia which spent billions to ensure a friendly government in Yemen supporting previously Ali Abdullah Saleh who fought along their side against the Iranian influenced Houthis to only switch with the Muslim Brotherhood’s selection Abid Rabo Mansour Hadi since Saleh switched to the Houthis against Saudi Arabia. While Saudi Arabia has previously turned on the Muslim Brotherhood, it now has to acquiesce to the Turkish new Sunni boss in the region who is not healing her wounds and instead is even visiting his new Shiite lover in Tehran to make firm economic cooperation between the two. And while analysts think its all about the economy, not religion, they ignore that economies are advanced in the Middle East in order to advance religion as an adhesive for major mergers where no one can buy or sell unless they enter the party line.

Under the title “America sold the Arabs to Tehran” one opinion sounding a cataclysmic trumpet writes:

Wo to the Arabs of the coming outcome which is nearing …they thought in error who believed  that the Magi [Persian Iran], the Americans, Europeans, Turks and the Muslim Brotherhood as entities to be trusted in the area! As soon as I saw the eve of the signing between  Washington with major powers on Tehran’s nuclear deal, I was expecting danger at the gates. I foresaw the truth intuitively. Following the signing and Obama’s exit to celebrate this and the talk of a new beginning, of a new era of normal relations between the West and Iran, I realized that my intuition was in its place, and that this vile agreement was done while stepping on the carcass of the Arabs to swallow the Arab countries, divide the Arab region, with the help of Tehran, Ankara and Israel!”

Besides the false blame on Israel, this view has some truth: “Washington held its dealings with the Muslim Brotherhood, Iran, and Turkey, from behind the Arab regimes; in order to accelerate the dismantling of the Arab countries!”

The Palestinian Al-Quds newspaper had sheer fear of Iranian influence:

“Iranian influence has occupied Arab diameters behind diameters, extending Iranian geography practically and strategically to the Mediterranean Sea, through the control of the capitals of the Orient, from Baghdad to Damascus across the Gulf to the Arabic Sea to the Bab al-Mandab, Iran controls mass of the Gulf states, from its pivot base in Bahrain where there is a popular majority, and to Sanaa where war-stricken Yemen is seized by the Houthis and the outcome: that Iran’s influence became stronger with distinction in the Gulf and the Levant.”

Elaf, another Arabic newspaper under the title “Erdogan and the Ottoman Dream” worries even more about the rise of Turkey:

No one can deny the economic reforms carried out by Erdogan during his party which resulted in less than a decade to accomplish significant economic advancement in Turkey making its economy one of the strongest economies in the world accompanied by the advancement of internal, regional and even international political activity aims to build new political relationships to the European Union opening new pages with the Arab world and the Kurds and the Armenians and the state of Greece, its traditional enemy, and even opened up to the republics of the former Soviet Union, which considers the Turks the Ras (Head) for their affairs

It is interesting that Turkey is recognized as “Ras/Rash” (the Head), the same terminology used by Ezekiel in chapter 38. It is all happening in front of our eyes, what Ezekiel, Daniel and John forewarned of.


And while Turkey hates Libya and Egypt, the latter is re-building relationships with Sudan and Ethiopia which explains why Daniel 11 is set where Turkey eventually invades Egypt, Libya and Cush (Sudan):

“Morsi-era (Muslim Brotherhood) politics damaged Egypt’s relations with African nations, Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir said Monday in an interview with the Dream 2 television channel”

“After the meeting, African countries were led to believe that not only Egypt but all Arab countries wanted to destroy Ethiopia,” Bashir said. He added that his country is part of the Arab component of Africa, and would pay along with Egypt if Africans held this belief.”

ab copy

President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, Omar al-Bashir and Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn

Now the picture becomes clear, Antichrist goes to war to remove any essence of nationalism; Egypt, Libya and Sudan reverting to Arab nationalistic aspiration. Mahmoud Abbas who is cut of the old cloth of Arab nationalism, with Egypt, Libya and Sudan must all go, and since they refuse, they will be pushed by sheer military force (Daniel 11). Folks get quickly bored of putting this puzzle together. This is not a time to be a lazy servant.

This Arab coalition is forming in Saudi Arabia and Africa.

On March 23, President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi inked an agreement with his Sudanese Counterpart Omar al-Bashir and Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, remarking first agreement between Ethiopia and Egypt on the controversial dam since its construction began in 2010.

And we all know how this will all end with the Nile dried up, the Aswan dam destroyed, and Africa including Egypt and Libya invaded by Turkey:

The Nile And The Euphrates Are Drying Up: Both Rivers Are In The News And Both Rivers Are In The Bible (An Inevitable Famine Is Plaguing The Muslim World)

se copy

In January 2013, we wrote “With Obama’s inauguration for his reelection, many people are exalting him as another Martin Luther King Jr., and a voice for social equality. But is this event really worth celebration? No. Obama’s policies has only made the West lose control of the Middle East, and this will only lead to the formation of an Islamic state.”

Any doubts?

While Americans are made to focus on social issues and rubbish news, the devil was at work, and while the Great Dane was found slumbering, dreaming about bones, little scraps here and there, his lion’s share were  divided with the Anatolian Shepherd and the Iranian Ashayeri Sheepdog.