The Antichrist Agenda Behind President Obama’s Opening Of The Major Mega Mosque In The U.S.

By Walid Shoebat

Bırakma Allah’ım” (Allah do not forsake us) was repeated several times by Erdoğan of Turkey in the Jihadi-toned poem he read which was infused with Muslim code-talk calling for Jihadi warfare. Erdoğan  promoted this in Turkey while his Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, on his visit to the Turkish funded mosque in Maryland this Sunday said that it was President Barack Hussein Obama himself who had agreed to the construction of the elaborate grand mosque in Maryland, USA.

Erdogan while promoting himself the Sultan of Turkey also wants to supercede the Saudi Wahhabists in mosque expansions throughout the world, especially in the Turkic regions of the north (learn more about this plan here). The United States was not immune of such an Antichrist agenda which Obama gladly allowed and falsely denied.


Mosque built by Erdogan in Lanham Maryland, USA

“Do not leave the field of jihad” Erdoğan recited for a television promotion filmed to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Turkish victory in the Gallipoli campaign during World War I. “Have you ever heard the voice of our martyrs?” a voice says at the beginning of the video, before Erdoğan’s own voice is heard reciting “Dua” (Muslim Prayer).

The massive exploitation of history, religion and emotions is Erdoğan’s campaign presenting the masses as looking for a shepherd, which he sees as being himself while Atatürk is overshadowed as being  insignificant even though it was  Atatürk who won the battle.

“Do not leave these masses, who look for a hero, with no hero, My God!” says the poem as it was read by Erdoğan. Watching Erdoğan in the following video is seeing a narcissistic tyrant with a grand imagination and a dream to conquer:

It was as if we predicted such a surprise, although unintentionally we had posted the same poem and mass hysteria by Erdoğan on April 15th during his previous campaigns. It was obvious that these words will be used to advance Erdoğan as the shepherd, Sultan and Caliph of the Muslim world. Just track how many Bırakma Allah’ıms he uses:

But there is more beneath the surface and Americans need to pay close attention! “Minarets have no mahya” says Erdoğan. Mahya is a string of lights that links minarets with Islamic banners. Erdoğan wants to link all mosques across the globe, especially in the Caucasus in order to unite all Muslim lands to himself. Such a connection is why Erdoğan is building a grand mosque in the U.S. (with many more to come with the help from President Barack Hussein Obama) as claimed by Turkey’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu.

U.S President Barack Obama visits Turkey

Obama with Erdogan in Hagia Sophia Temple while Erdogan gazes with his typical narcissistic spirit

What this is all about is simple to comprehend, that is if you have grown up as Muslim. “America was discovered by Muslims, not by Christopher Columbus” Erdoğan said last year which is a lesson we learned  in the revisionist history promoted by the Muslim controlled Department of Education in the Holy Land.

Few link the dots. To Erdoğan America belongs to the Muslim Caliphate which he, of course, represents in his Ottoman dream to reconquer what belongs to Allah via Jihad warfare as he said in his promo. This does not entitle Erdoğan to only build mosques, but to also conquer the West. The naive American who forgot his Bible ignores it all when Daniel told them that “he [Antichrist] acts against the strongest fortresses with a foreign god, which he shall acknowledge, and advance its glory” (Daniel 11:39).

Can anyone tell us that Erdoğan is not advancing the glory of Allah, a foreign God of “fortresses” (war) which was foreign to Byzantium, the Christian land conquered by Mehemt II?  Erdoğan intends to sit in Jerusalem and act against the strongest military might in the World, the United States.


Rare photo of Erdogan inside Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem greeting Palestinians May 3rd, 2005 during his first attempt to broker a peace treaty between Israel and the Palestinians. Courtesy AFP.


Rare photo of Erdogan walking by the Eastern Gate on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, May 3rd, 2005 during his first attempt to broker a peace treaty between Israel and the Palestinians

The Good News

We realize all this is bad news, yet behind all this manure, God nevertheless uses it to produce sweet fruit in the end. Despite all the morbid sentiments regarding Obama in the White House, he will soon be replaced by a righteous shepherd. In the near future the United States which is referred to as “the most terrible of the nations”, that is terrible in battle as mentioned by Ezekiel 28:7-8 and “the strongest fortresses” as mentioned by Daniel 11:39 will wreak havoc on Turkey. This shepherd, alongside 6 other allies (see Micah 5) will fight alongside Christ who will advance against “Ionia/Yavan” (Zechariah 9:13) and will storm against it “with the whirlwinds of the south” as predicted in Zechariah 9:14, which means that the Lord’s army stationed in Israel will advance north to Turkey and devastate it.

Christ then is advancing north, to Ionia (Turkey) to protect and defend Israel: “The Lord will appear over them; his arrow will flash like lightning” (Zechariah 9:14). This is when Israel is depicted as King David crushing the head of Goliath, the Red Dragon and Antichrist, who mocks the true God “and the Lord Almighty will shield themThey will destroy and overcome with slingstones” (Zechariah 9:14).

The devil with his ten pawns and bishop which cannot go in straight lines attempts to defeat God’s King and Queen with the might of heaven connects with His saints on earth, He opens the hearts of Israel to finally believe in the Son of God who will defeat this tyranny once and for all.

Close attention needs to be paid to Erdoğan’s Muslim ‘code-talk’ to the masses. He says in his video: “Do not take the Milky Way away from our skies Oh Allah” “call upon the bees to produce the honey, do not prohibit the bees from their hives oh Allah” “do not leave our years with no Ramadan Oh Allah”.

The stars of Heaven (Milky Way) are the angelic host that descend during Ramadan which Erdoğan calls for his god Allah to preserve. It is the Quran’s story of Laylat Al-Qadr (The Night of Destiny) which is repeated in the end of times with the Mahdi. The story comes from when Muhammad had encountered the angel of light which is the basis of the Islamic claim. It describes the “rising of the dawn” for which Ramadan is commemorated and Muslims begin their fast as the crescent moon appears with Venus (morning star) which Muslims wait until the late hours of the night gazing at the sky until the dawn in hope that the sky opens up and the angelic host descend: “We have sent it to thee in the Night of Vision, what do you know of this Night of Vision. The Night of Vision is better then a thousand months. The angelic hosts descend [to earth] in it with the Spirit by command of their Lord. Peace shall it be until the rising of the Dawn (Morning star)” (Q 97).


Muslim art depicting the Night Vision with star gazing

This is the story from Isaiah 14 regarding ‘The Luminous One’ Heylel ben Sahar and his fallen angels seem to connect. The Qur’ân speaks of the angelic host descending to earth (dawn, the spirit, their lord) in which we would rise at dawn calling this time “Sahar” where every Muslim would snack in preparation for the fast.

The Qur’ân explains this dawn-god: “Say: ‘I seek refuge in the lord of the Daybreak, from the evil of what he has created …’” (Qur’ân 113).  How could the true God say “the evil of what he has created”? God does not create evil. This god is who creates evil: the devil in disguise. “Venus” which is the same planet Muslims look up to every Ramadan when the crescent moon appears with Venus (morning star), which is the symbol of the Luminous One as referenced by Isaiah-14 Hilal bin Sahar. Hilal is the crescent Sahar is the morning star. This is the red dragon in which God has the Ark, the woman who gave birth to the man child (Christ) trample the moon under her feet (Revelation 11-12).

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Full translated transcript:

Do not allow the minarets without the call to prayer oh Allah
Oh Allah call upon the bees to produce the honey
do not prohibit the bees from their hives oh Allah

I want minarets
do not prohibit us from it
and do not allow nations that was molded from Islam to cease oh Allah

Give us the strength
And do not allow the field of jihad without brave jihadies oh Allah
Do not allow multitudes awaiting their hero without sending their hero oh Allah
And do not prohibit us our strength oh Allah

In the pathways of tomorrow, the years are coming
Do not permit it to be without Ramadan, oh Allah
You either destroy the whole flock that is without a shepherd
So do not let the flock be without a shepherd oh Allah

Do not let us be without love, thirsting, without the wind and without a nation oh Allah
Do not allow any nations molded on Islam without Muslims oh Allah
Amen to the end.

“We all have a hoarse voice… do not leave
our minarets with no calls to prayer, my God!
Either bring us those who make honey
or do not just leave us with no hive, my God!
Minarets have no mahya [a string of lights set up between two minarets to flash a short text, often featuring moral or religious themes]…
Do not take the Milky Way away from our skies, my God!
Do not leave this country, which was kneaded by Muslims,
with no Muslims, my God”
Give us strength… Do not leave the field of jihad
with no pahlevan [wrestler], My God!
Do not leave these masses, who look for a hero,
with no hero, My God!
Let us know how to resist the foe,
do not leave us lifeless, my God!
On the path to tomorrows, do not leave
our years with no Ramadan [month], my God!
Either disperse your herd, if left unattended,
or do not leave them with no shepherd, my God!
Do not leave us, O, with no love, no water, no air
and with no country, my God!”