Muslims Are Causing Havoc And Destruction In Eastern Europe For The Cause Of The Antichrist And The Revival Of The Ottoman Empire

By Theodore Shoebat

Albanian Muslim terrorists

Albanian Muslim terrorists

In the Christian nation of Macedonia, forty Muslim Albanians surrounded a police station located in the village of Gosince, seized police officers, tied them up and severely beat them. The Muslim terrorists were members of the KLA, or the Kosovo Liberation Army, a jihadist and anti-Christian terrorist group that seeks to make Kosovo (an originally Christian land) a purely Islamic state. Before allowing them to leave, the terrorists warned the officers and told them: “no one can come here, or they’ll be killed.” What is most revealing is that the terrorists also told the men: “We will have an Albanian state”.

This “Albanian state” will be an Islamic state under the Muslim Caliphate, which will be headed by the Ottoman Empire, the empire of the Antichrist. Albanian Muslim terrorists, just this Saturday, detonated a bomb in front of the Macedonian government HQ.

These recent attacks are part of a much bigger plan: the Islamic takeover of Christian Eastern Europe, for the cause forcing them under the Muslim Caliphate which be will headed by Turkey., thanks to our correspondent, Lazar, has been predicting and reporting this since last year. Last year we interviewed Lazar, a Serbian Special Forces veteran, and he told us that Albanian Muslims will be wreaking havoc and violence in Macedonia.

He told us that ISIS agents, backed by Turkey and Saudi Arabia, are right now in the Balkans, and that they will be working with Albanian and Bosnian Muslims to bring immense violence to the Christian Serbs, as well as conducting terrorist attacks in Greece, Macedonia, and other Eastern European countries:

They will use Kosovo Albanians, or Bosnians — Muslim Bosnians — from Sandzak region, they will use them to start attacking people in Serbia, in Macedonia, and Greece. So it will provoke response from Serbs, from Greeks and from Macedonians. And it will most certainly unite us at that point. And I think Russia is deeply involved in these areas, so I think Russia will react to anything that happens here.

It will be this violence, according to Lazar, that will eventually provoke the Orthodox nations to form a confederacy, and this will be a great force appointed by God to fight against the revived Ottoman Empire headed by the Antichrist. When asked which nation will lead this confederacy, Lazar said:

I think Russia, for sure.

He also made some very profound and logical prognostications: that Turkey will try to invade Greece, and that Russia, as well as fighters from Serbia, will intervene and drive the Turks out:

I don’t think Turkey will conquer Greece. I think they will try, but I don’t think they will conquer Greece. Greece will defend itself, also Greece will have help from Serbian fighters, for sure, from Russian fighters for sure. Greece to us Serbs is a holy land. Its our duty, even if I am not Greek (I am Serbian Orthodox), but my brother is Greek Orthodox and I must defend him.

This future war will be a holy war, not some superficial battle done for gain. It will be a glorious and sacred war, with the lands of Christendom — divinely destined by God and headed by Jesus Christ — fighting and crushing the armies of the Antichrist. One of the most significant focuses of the war will be taking the Hagia Sophia, the holiest church of the Eastern Orthodox that was seized and made into a mosque after the Ottoman Muslims invaded Constantinople in 1453. The Orthodox confederacy will be fighting for this sacred place, and as Lazar told us:

If Russia gets involved in this future war, the Hagia Sophia will be free.

Both ISIS and Turkey are working with Albanian Muslims in Kosovo to establish an Islamic state the Balkans, and ultimately in all of Eastern Europe. Turkey is doing this with the ultimate intention of eventually controlling the Balkans in its efforts to revive the Ottoman Empire.

While the media is making the current riots and protests in Kosovo as just a secular nationalist cause, once we look below the surface, what we find is that these upheavals and revolts are of the same nature as the revolutions in Syria and Egypt.

We conducted an exclusive interview with Lazar, a Serbian Special Forces veteran, on this entire situation that all Christians must focus on. We did a whole video with footage and photos proving that the protests in Kosovo are truly Islamic:

Make no mistake about it: the current upheavals that have been happening are not peaceful protests, they are part of a wider jihadist movement, that want to create an Islamic state in the Balkans. The media has been currently silent about this current situation, just as they were silent about the Islamic connections of the Egyptian and Syrian revolutions when they first began.

We are going to see Turkey capitalizing on the Jihadist sentiments of Islamists in the Balkans, using them to help restore Turkish power in the region. Russia will eventually get involved since the Russian government must control that region in order to keep Turkey in check.

Serbia and Greece are the Israel of the Balkans: as Israel balances out the Middle East and keeps the Muslim nations in check, Serbia and Greece keep the Muslims of the Balkans in control. If Turkey wants to dominate the Balkans, it is going to have to inculcate its power over Serbia and Greece; this is why Russia is so important because it will prevent this from happening.

Islamic violence will spread from Kosovo and it will spill over into Serbia, and then eventually into Macedonia, Montenegro, and then into Greece. All of this violence and chaos will stir the Eastern Orthodox nations to form a single Eastern Orthodox confederacy that will be headed by Russia.

This Christian confederacy will truly be a revival of the Christian Byzantine Empire, only this time its power will not be in Greece (as it was in ancient times) but it will be transferred into Russia. The new Christian confederacy will be here to fight against the Islamic confederacy that will be headed by Turkey.

It will truly be a holy war, a Crusade — the New Crusade — and it will lead to the establishment of Christendom, and it will be ruled by Jesus Christ.

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