THE END OF ISIS IS NEAR: Russian Forces Are Terrifying ISIS So Much So That 3000 Terrorists Are Fleeing Syria Headed To Jordan

By Walid Shoebat

Russia gained a major victory as it emerged that 3,000 Syrian rebels which included the Islamic State (Isis) fighters have fled Syria heading towards Jordan while Jordan is prepping to await the escaping envoys with force of its own delight. As it seems where Obama is failing, Al-Baghdadi is getting it Russian style.

Russia, emboldened by the development, now has even started dropping leaflets during air raids over rebel positions asking them to surrender or face the consequences.

An estimated 3,000 ISIS fighters which included elements from Jabhat al Nusra and Jaish al Yarmouk jihadist groups have left Syria. Many reportedly have entered Jordan. Civil sources in Idlib and Hama confirmed that the chaos and confusion permeated the ranks of Al-Nusra Front after the destruction of many of the warehouses and command centers through intensive air strikes on Jisr and Maart and Al-Lataminah and Kafr Zita and the eastern countryside.

Sources from Hama said that Russians killed more than 134 terrorists in the town of Al-Lataminah as a result of targeting their headquarters and centers caused hundreds of terrorist mercenaries to flee towards Turkey crossing the Syrian border. This explains why Russian jets had a close call engaging Turkish F16s.

This news from Idlib came hours after raids launched by the Russian jets reported that about 600 terrorist left their positions heading for Europe after the intensive raids on ISIS infrastructure.

Russia launched a massive airstrike in Syria on 30 September with more than 50 fighters jets including the Su-24M, the Su-25 and the Su-34 bombing rebel targets. 

As it seems ISIS is getting few flavors of some serious Russian enemas (KAB-250, KAB-500, Kh-25l, Kh-29L). See Sky-high video of Russian Su-24Ms delivering them to Al-Baghdadi’s ISIS in Syria courtesy from Putin. Videos taken from Russian Sukhoi warplanes in action give a close-up look at Russia’s enema operation targeting ISIS’s strongholds in Syria. Cameras, which were mounted on the bellies of Su-24Ms, captured the moments when these enemas were released.

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Jordan is expecting the arrival of the exhausted ISIS pests and is preparing to counter them with enemas of their own. Senior Jordanian government source said that the armed forces deployed on the country’s border with Syria, ready to crush any attempts by terrorist groups, especially ISIS as they approach the border in the wake of what today reported the escape of terrorists toward his country.

The source said that Jordanian border are using the latest monitoring devices and helicopters in addition to military patrols to monitor any infiltration attempt.

As it seems Al-Baghdadi’s ISIS are caught between a Russian rocket and a hard place.