OKLAHOMA: Muslim wannabe terrorist arrested for threatening “mass bloodshed” at two shopping malls

By BI: Muslim convert Brian Carey posted this on social media: “Judgement day will come this week at the Penn Square Mall and Outlet Mall. May Allah be with those who believe and there will be mass bloodshed and horror as I Allah will take vengeance on the scumdogs of the western world.” But as designated terrorist Group CAIR is always quick to say “this has nothing to do with Islam.”


KFOR A metro MUSLIM man is behind bars after allegedly posting terroristic threats to a social media site. Authorities said the post by 28-year-old Brian Carey (below) led to several people being concerned about their safety at a pair of Oklahoma City malls.

“Officers were able to make contact with this individual later on in the afternoon, a little bit after 6 p.m. and he was arrested at his home,” said Sgt. Ashley Peters with the Oklahoma City Police Department. Carey was then booked into the Oklahoma County Jail on a charge of terrorism hoax.

Brian Carey, Muslim convert

Brian Carey, Muslim convert

Members of local Islamic groups said these types of situations are always “disappointing.”

“It’s absolutely disgusting to hear that anybody, regardless of what background they come from or what faith they claim, would threaten human life, and it’s really hurtful that anyone would do it in the name of any faith,” said Adam Soltani with the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Soltani said this type of anger and hatred is not what Islam is about. “Islam is very clear in condemning any act of violence toward any human life and upholds in a very clear fashion in the understanding that human life is sacred and should be protected in every way,” Soltani said.