Archive | June 24, 2016

Muslim Man Slaughters 148 Young Christians, Americans Find Him And Kill Him

A Muslim terrorist, Mohamed Kuno, slaughtered 148 Christians in Kenya, in what is known as the Garissa massacre in Garissa University. Mohamed singled out Christians in the university, killing them while sparing the Muslim students. The US Air Force just recently found him and killed him. As we read in one report: The al-Shabaab leader responsible […]

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The UK Splitting From The European Union Is Predicted In Bible Prophecy And Is Victory For God. Examining What Lays Ahead

By Walid Shoebat The red crucifix of the UK emerging out of the EU’s flag of stars in a circle is a great sight to see. Britain’s exit costs the EU one of its wealthiest members and one of its biggest military powers is a sign that the Bible is true’ God ordained nationalism for a […]

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Britain Just Left The EU, And This Will Eventually Lead To A Revived Nazi Germany That Will Go To War With Christendom

By Theodore Shoebat Britain just voted and agreed to leave the European Union, with the majority voting for separation from the confederacy, in favor for autonomy. What will this lead to? Here are some of my own thoughts and predictions as to what will happen with Europe. Germany is dominating Europe, to a great extent, […]

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Muslim Suicide Bomber Take 50 Germans Hostage At Theater, The Police Blast Him Just Before He Blows Himself Up- The Middle East Is Now In Central Europe

This was a close call. Thank God for the swift action of German policemen who saved these 50 people. But there will be another time, and next time might be too late, especially since the German media is already trying to say the man had ‘no identifiable links to radical Islam’: An armed man who […]

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