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Screw Mohammed Ali Screw The Nation Of Islam And Screw All These Race Baiters I Am Sick Of Ali

By Walid Shoebat One draft dodging racist scumbag named Mohammed Ali has finally croacked and is buried and is on his way to hell and we still have to endure more circus having to watch a milieu of other racist scumbags on TV today from self-hating Jew rabbi Michael Lerner to an array of Islamists praising someone who […]

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Major Catholic Priest Declares That Homosexuals Are “Worthy Of Death”

By Theodore Shoebat A very popular Catholic priest in Italy, Fr. Massimiliano Pusceddu, is taking a lot of heat in a recent sermon against the Italian parliament’s acceptance of “same-sex civil unions,” in which he, reading from the Bible, declared homosexuals as being “worthy of death.” I did a whole video on this priest and […]

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Hindus Take Christian Pastor And Torture Him, They Then Drag Him To The Police Station And Cast Him Into Prison

A Hindu mob in India tortured a pastor before dragging him to a police station and having him cast into prison. According to the report: Protestant Christian Pastor Alvish Bara was beaten with other believers by a group of 20 militants of Hindu extremist groups and was then arrested by the police in the state […]

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Hindus Take Twenty Eight Christians And Tell Them To Renounce Christ And Convert To Hinduism, All Of The Christians Refuse. The Hindus Torture All Of The Christians, They Take Eight Christian Children And Torture Them In Front Of Their Parents

By Theodore Shoebat Hindus in India told twenty eight Christians to renounce Christ and convert to Hinduism. All of the Christians refused. The Hindus tortured all of them, even going so far as to torture eight Christian children in front of their parents. As we read in one report: According to Express, Hindu extremists gathered […]

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Bangladeshi Police Arrests Nine Hundred Muslims As Part Of Policy To Fight Islamic Terrorism

The Bangladeshi police arrested 900 Muslims as part of a crackdown against Islamic terrorism which has been causing numerous murders in Bangladesh. As we read in one report: Bangladesh police say they have detained about 900 people as part of a crackdown on militants following a series of deadly attacks. Police launched the week-long campaign […]

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Muslims Kidnap Fifty Christians And Begin Beheading Them, They Take One Christian And Chop His Head Off And Force Another Christian To Kiss The Decapitated Head. They Take The Rest Of The Christians, Tie Their Feet And Hands And Electrocute Them, They Then Continue To Behead More Christians

By Theodore Shoebat A recently released story further reveals what horror Serbian Christians had to endure under the demonic Muslim mujahideen. Fifty Christian Serbians were kidnapped by the Muslim mujahideen. The Muslims began to behead them, and they even forced one Christian to kiss the decapitated head of a martyr. The man who was forced […]

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ISIS Takes Children, Ties Them Up Outside And Roasts Them In The Hot Desert Sun While Beating Them Like Animals

Yesterday, it came out that ISIS militants were fleeing their “Islamic State” because not only were they losing territory to the Syrians, but they were complaining about a lack of fast food and fried chicken. Yet as I also pointed out, these are the same people who took delight in robbing, raping, and torturing Christians […]

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Western Society Will Not Stop Committing Suicide Until Its People Stop Embracing Homosexual Perversity

  In a recent story out of Denmark, the Danish government is claiming a mild success with a program began back in 2014 to encourage Danes to have more children. Their reasoning is simple- too many Danes are having too few, if any children at all, and the population is not only getting older, but […]

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