Archive | June 11, 2016

Muslim Gang Viciously Hacks Christian Man With Machetes and Daggers At Restaurant After He Refuses To Fast For Ramadan

It’s Ramadan again, a time of Islamic fasting and prayer, and attacking non-Muslims who do not do the same. This man, Francis Emmanuel, was coming out of a restaurant where he just picked up some food when a group of six Muslims approached him. They asked him why he had food and when he said he said […]

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20 Muslims Severely Beat Christian Man For Selling Ice Cream, When He Goes To The Police Station The Police Force Him To Withdraw His Complaint

Khaleel Masih is a Christian from Pakistan who makes his living selling ice cream. One day two Muslim brother started screaming at and insulting Khaleel because he is a Christian. Before he even knew it, he was severely beaten by a mob of 20 Muslims who also destroyed his ice cream and his bicycle while […]

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