Archive | June 2, 2016

Evil ISIS Executioner Who Beheaded Dozens Of Men And Famously Dismembered Children Has Been CAPTURED By The Syrian Army

  They called him “the bulldozer.” At nearly 300 pounds and wielding a 3-foot long sword as his method of torture, he was ISIS most feared executioner, beheading dozens of men and dismembering children accused of crimes by the ISIS terrorists.You can find photos and videos of him all over the internet wielding machine guns […]

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Facebook Wastes Time Harassing Christians Who Criticize Islam While ISIS Sells Christian And Pagan Girls As Sex Slaves On Facebook

Over the past six months, has experienced increasingly greater harassment from Facebook for “violating community standards,” which is a euphemism for making somebody upset because we wrote something they did not like. In all cases the complaints have been bogus, but the fact is that Facebook is not the “free” platform it claims to […]

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“Refugee” Serial Rapist Who Threatened To Use Voodoo Magic Against German Police Complains Of “Racism” After His Spells Failed And He Gets Thrown In Jail

You have to hand it to these “refugees.” From the Muslim who raped a ten-year-old boy because he had a “sexual emergency” to the Muslim man who raped a girl because “it just happened”, there is any number of excuses that these “refugees” will pull to try and legitimize or intimidate others into accepting their anti-social, […]

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The Refugee Situation Is So Bad That Even The Dalai Lama Says Europe Needs To Send The Muslims Back To Their Own Nations

You know there is a problem when even the Dalai Lama, who is know for being a symbol of “international goodwill” and practically revered as a living saint for secular people, starts speaking like a “right wing extremist.” And by that, I mean that the Dalai  Lama has openly come out in opposition to the Muslim […]

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