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Theodore Shoebat And Walid Shoebat School Eric Allen Bell And Actress From The Brady Bunch In A Debate On Christianity And Why Christianity Is The Only Way To Destroy Islam

By Theodore Shoebat In the U.S., when it comes to conservatives stopping the evil agendas like Islam, Homosexuality, eugenics, superiority cults, the Mexican drug mafia, smoking dope … the only one praise report: to convert an entire generation to becoming tobacco-phobic while declaring war on homophobia. If anyone can provide us with any success besides this, please comment. Even the desire to […]

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Muslim Refugees In Europe Are Standing In Line To Say NO To Islam And Are Converting To Christianity And Getting Baptized By The Droves

By Walid Shoebat In Hamburg Germany a row of 80 Muslim men and Muslim women line up for Baptism. They are from Iran and Afghanistan. They gathered in front of a small stage and were waiting for the pastor to give them the sacrament of baptism. The devil sends his flood of Muslim immigrants to […]

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Muslim Defrauds Elderly Britons Of Over 1 MILLION Pounds And Gives It All To ISIS

Imagine you spend many years of your life working hard, living frugally, making sacrifices and saving money so that you can live out your declining years in peace and tranquility. Then all of a sudden, all of your hard work is gone, like a flash in a pan, and you did not even see it […]

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On A Major Satanic Holiday In California, Hillary Clinton Clinches Democratic Presidental Nomination

Hillary Clinton is evil and dangerous. There is no other way to describe her. From her well-documented “Jekyll and Hyde” personality to her attacking anybody and everybody who “she has an issue with,” from the start of her career as a cheating, scoundrel lawyers up to and through the Ben-Ghazi and email scandals, Hillary Clinton […]

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ISIS Fighters Kidnap Christian Woman And Rape Her Up To NINE Times Each Night Until She Escaped

More stories about the horrors of ISIS soldiers are being revealed each day. In a recent story, a Christian woman from Syria tells not only her story, but how ISIS fighters are paying top dollar to rape kidnapped Christian children between the ages of one and nine: An Iraqi Christian woman in her 30s and […]

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Dear Christians, Stop Praising Muhammad Ali As A Saint When He Was An Apostate

Christians, Seriously, stop praising Muhammad Ali. Yes, he was a famous, wealthy, well liked athlete by many people throughout the world and has become a symbol of his sport. However, according to the Bible, that is not what really matters at all: For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son so […]

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