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Anti-Christian Mobs Are Erupting All Over The Western World. Mobs In Chile Enter A Church And Destroy A Crucifix, And 75,000 People In France Riot Against Capitalism, Attack Police Officers

By Theodore Shoebat Anti-Christian mobs are erupting more and more in the Western world, with a mob in Chile attacking a church and destroying a Crucifix, and tens of thousands of people rioting in France, attacking the police and creating chaos for the cause of communism. I did a whole video on this:   CHRISTIANS […]

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Mysterious Live Giant Dinosaur Discovered Swimming In The Ocean Proving The Flood Of The Bible

By Walid Shoebat The mysterious image you see below was captured near Antarctica by Google Earth of what seems to be a plesiosaur. The image was first spotted off the coast of Deception Island in the South Shetlands on Google Earth on April 9. Its head and left flap emerging out of the water and the […]

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Remember How Muslims Stone Jews In Israel? Well Muslims Are Now Stoning Dutch People And Their Businesses In Holland

Remember all of those photos and videos of Arab Muslims stoning Jews and Jewish businesses in Israel that have been in the news for decades? For those same years, Israel was saying this was the face of Islam, but nobody listened. People in the West insisted that the Palestinians were just “economically deprived,” or they […]

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Spanish Government Prosecutes Major Catholic Cardinal For “Hate Crimes” For Preaching Against Islam And Homosexuality

Fr. Antonio Cardinal Canizares is sometimes called “little Ratzinger.” As Archbishop of Valencia, he has been fearless in speaking out against the Islamic invasion of Europe, the LGBT attack on the family, and the evils of feminism. He even has the support of Pope Francis, who has encouraged him to ‘stay strong’ in his public […]

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