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DISGRACEFUL! TIME WARNER CABLE fires U.S. Marine veteran employee for lowering the flag to half staff on Memorial Day

By BI: When Allen Thornwell lowered his employer’s American flag to half-staff on Memorial Day (as required by American tradition), he says he did not think to ask permission or consider the possibility that he had done anything wrong. Charlotte Observer  Instead, the 29-year-old former Marine, who served in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, says […]

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ITALY: Church parishioners ordered to “pray in silence” so as not to offend African Muslim invaders being housed there

By BI: The faithful hoping to practice their Christianity at the church of St. Anthony in Ventimiglia were surprised when they were told by Caritas volunteers they couldn’t recite the rosary and would instead have to “pray in silence out of respect to Muslim illegal aliens” who are living there. Breitbart  Caritas is ostensibly a Catholic charity, […]

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“Am I the only black person who thinks Muhammad Ali was a traitor to his race?”

By BI: Ex-Muslim woman explains that while champion heavyweight boxer Muhammad Ali might have been a great fighter, he was not a great man. By converting to Islam and renaming himself Muhammad, he essentially sold his soul to the same kind of racists who rounded up his African forefathers and sold them into slavery…and are still […]

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Another bleeding heart leftie activist raped by the Muslim ‘refugee’ she took into her home in Cologne, Germany

By BI: The 26-year-old Afghan Muslim “asylum seeker” was sentenced to just two and a half years in prison for the rape last week. NEW OBSERVER  According to the Kölner Rundschau newspaper, the victim, a 20-year-old woman, had offered to let the Muslim invader stay with her in her apartment in the city. The Muslim rapist swindled his way into Germany […]

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Barack Hussein Obama’s speech for Ramadan included his commitment to continuing the flood of Muslim invaders into this country

By BI: Because I know you have much better things to do than listen to this man talk to his Muslim brothers on Ramadan, here are some highlights. He managed to refer to his “Christian” faith once with  a straight face and took a not so thinly-veiled swipe at his likely successor – Donald Trump. Here […]

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Muslim Mob Murders Christian Man And Then Burns Down A Church

A Muslim mob in Nigeria rampaged through a town, murdering a Christian and burning down a church. As we read in one report: A Nigerian Christian was killed after he allegedly made blasphemous comments about the Prophet Mohammed. Methodus Chimaije Emmanuel was attacked and killed by a mob in the town of Pandogari in central Nigeria […]

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Graphic Video Shows Terrorists Killing Jews In Today’s The Tel Aviv Attack

By Walid Shoebat Its Ramadan. This makes the Muslim fasting month a good time for terror season. Three suspected Palestinian terrorists killed at least four Jews and wounded five other Jews in a shooting attack today at central Tel Aviv’s popular Sarona complex which was caught on video: Police confirmed that two attackers were arrested and one was […]

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The Two Terrorists Who Committed The Tel Aviv Terrorist Attack Where Descendants Of Jews Who Converted To Islam

By Walid Shoebat Three suspected Palestinian terrorists killed at least four people and wounded five others in a shooting attack Wednesday night at central Tel Aviv’s popular Sarona complex which was caught on video: Police confirmed that two attackers were arrested and one was shot and wounded. Footage from the scene showed an armed civilian firing shots at […]

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Muslims Attack Christian Man And Hack Him To Death

Muslims in Bangladesh attacked a Christian man and hacked him to death. The horrific story is told in this report: A Christian was hacked to death in a recent incident of sectarian violence in Bangladesh. The incident took place in northwest Bangladesh, where the Christian was attacked after Sunday prayer service. Terror group Islamic State […]

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Bangladeshi Officers Hunt Down Four Muslim Terrorists And Kill Them All

Bangladeshi police forces hunted four Muslim terrorists and killed them all, as we read in one report:  Bangladesh police shot dead an Islamist militant Wednesday, the fourth killed since a crackdown was launched against suspected jihadists blamed for a wave of gruesome killings, an officer said. The 25-year-old militant was killed during a gun battle […]

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The Government Of The Philippines Makes New Law: Citizens Now Have The Right To Carry Arms And Hunt Down Terrorists

By Theodore Shoebat The new president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, has given authority to the Filipino people to carry up arms and hunt down drug dealers, who are just terrorists who murder people and corrupt the society with their demonic beliefs and narcotics. I did a whole video on this: According to the report: […]

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The Most Extensive Decrees In The History Of The Modern Turkish Republic Is Underway As Erdogan Persecutes Thousands Of Judges And Lawmakers Stripping Away Their Immunity

By Walid Shoebat This week Erdogan enacted one of the most extensive decrees in the history of the modern Turkish Republic as he reshuffled thousands of legislators, lawmakers and judges. Erdogan indeed is “changing set laws” in a massive way. When last month in May, the Turkish parliament approved the lifting of lawmakers’ legal immunity in a secret ballot, […]

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Catholic Church In Italy Tells Christians: Do Not Pray To Jesus Loudly Because It Will Offend The Muslims

  By Theodore Shoebat Christians wanting to pray in the church of St. Anthony in Italy were told that they cannot pray loudly, that they must pray in silence so as not to offend the Muslims living in the parish. According to one report: Parishioners visiting a church in Italy were told they must “pray […]

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Muslims Angry At The United States Decided To Enter The Holiest Christian Church In Christendom Transforming It Into A Mosque While Having An Imam Recite The Quran

By Walid Shoebat The Greek Christian Orthodox are furious as Turkey forced to convert Hagia Sophia, the holiest Christian temple into a mosque. It all started when last week, a deputy for Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), Samil Tayyar, suggested that the site should be open for Muslim worship as a response to Ankara’s […]

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BREAKING: Did George Soros’ Protege Hungarian President Viktor Orban Just Sell Out Europe To The Muslims?

I warned you last week that Hungarian President Viktor Orban would have to be judged by the merits of his actions and watched VERY carefully. I said this because as I noted in my article, President Orban was a protege of George Soros’ Soros Foundation, and how give that George Soros is playing a key role […]

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