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Baptist Woman In Texas Takes Out A Knife And Stabs Her Own Daughters, She Then Takes Out A Pistol And As Her Daughters Beg For Mercy, She Slaughters All Of Them

By Theodore Shoebat A Baptist woman in Texas stabbed her two daughters before pulling out a pistol and slaughtering all of them as they begged for their lives. I did a whole video in this murder and how it is a reflection of today’s society:   According to the report: In repeated posts on Facebook, […]

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Britons Strike Back At “Halal Butcher” Shop And Reduce It To A Heap Of Smoldering Rubble

In what UK Authorities are calling a “racist” attack (as though Islam is a race which it is not), an unidentified British man or men burned a Muslim “halal” butcher shop and reduced it to a heap of smoldering rubble: Police say a white man, wearing a blue jacket, walked into the halal butchers and […]

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Its A Victory For Russia As Italy’s Northern Region Adopts Resolution To Lift Sanctions On Russia While 10,000 Italians Demonstrate Demanding To Lift Sanctions And France Calls For E.U. Referendum

By Walid Shoebat The world mis-predicts when it says Russia will falter, that the U.S. economy will collapse and that the E.U someday will rule the world as ‘Antichrist’. Reality today is that all such speculation is proven to be happening–in reverse. We are beginning to see the E.U influence in Italy chipping away as the parliament in […]

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Christian Church Pastor Martyred After He Was Gunned Down By Muslims Outside His Church

It is the stubborn Copts again. They refuse to stop communion and they reject obeying Allah and his messenger Muhammad. This is why a Coptic Christian priest Father Rafael Moussa in Arish, capital of the North Sinai province has been gunned down by Muslims in “a hail of bullets” outside The Church of the Martyr of […]

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‘We Will Send You Straight To Hell’ – Christian Women In Lebanon Take Up Arms Against ISIS Terrorists After Rash Of Deadly Suicide Bombings

Knowing that Muslim ISIS jihadis are terrified of being murdered by a woman on pain that they will go straight to hell, angry Lebanese women are taking up arms against Muslim terrorists after a rash of suicide bombings threatening to destabilize the Christian areas along the Syrian border: “We will not allow Lebanon to become […]

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