Archive | June 28, 2016

Muslim Imam Fired After Hospital Found A Cucumber Inside His Rectum

An imam from a Central Anatolian province in Turkey has been suspended from duty after he being hospitalized with “pieces of cucumber” in his rectum. The 39-year-old imam working in Kayseri applied to the emergency room of a hospital in the early morning hours of June 23 with severe abdominal pain and bleeding. The doctors […]

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Watch terrorist at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul being shot by police. After he falls to the ground, he then detonates himself

Its Ramadan (or lets just say its Tramadan) and this just came in where the terrorist at the Istanbul Turkey airport gets shot, his AK47 skids far and the cop confronts him where he realizes the terrorist is about to blow himself up. The cop runs for his life and the terrorist detonates and kabam: […]

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Major Islamic Terrorists Make This Declaration To All Americans: ‘We Will Enter San Francisco And Las Vegas And Butcher Americans.’

By Theodore Shoebat Major Islamic terrorists made a declaration in which they said that they will enter San Francisco and Las Vegas and slaughter Americans. According to one report: Iconic, Bay Area images took center stage in a new pro-ISIS video. That video is calling for attacks on San Francisco and Las Vegas. The video surfaced […]

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Pope Frances Declares: ‘Christians Must Apologize To Homosexuals.’

By Theodore Shoebat Pope Francis declared recently that Christians must apologize to homosexuals. Its just another sign of how much homosexuals have infiltrated the Catholic Church. I did a whole video on this: According to one report: Yesterday, on a flight from Armenia back to Rome, the Pope fielded questions to a set of journalists, […]

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Muslim Father Beats His Nine-Year-Old Son, Ties Him To A Tree And Then Sets The Tree On Fire After His Son Tells Him That He Wants To Be A Christian

Fortunately, the boy’s neighbors rescued him after they heard him screaming while being burned alive. However, he is in the hospital with severe burns. The trouble started when nine-year-old Nassif Malagara went to a church service after being brought by a neighbor. He went home and told his father that he believed in Jesus now […]

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