Archive | June 3, 2016

Muslim Refugee Goes On Rampage Inside Store And German Citizens Stop Him, Now The Police Are Investigating And Moving To Prosecute The Germans Who Stopped Him

The Muslim “refugee” in question here is a patient at a local psychiatric ward. While buying a phone card, he gets into an argument with the clerk and almost immediately flies into a violent rampage. Thankfully, there were three German men nearby who were able to stop him. They dragged him out of the store, […]

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Greek And Armenian Christians Dance For Joy After Germany Officially Acknowledges The Armenian Genocide While Turkey Seethes With Rage And Promises Revenge

Christian victims of genocide from the Ottomans When Jewish lawyer Raphael Lemkin created the term “genocide,” he was thinking about the Greek, Armenian, and Assyrian Christians murdered by the Ottomans. The Turkish attempt to completely wipe out these people, from their highest cultural achievements down to their very biological existence forever, was the standard against […]

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