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Gee, did the Pentagon host an annual Oktoberfest dinner for the Nazis while we were at war with Germany?

By BI: So, I guess Obama hosting an official Ramadan dinner at the White House isn’t enough, now the Pentagon also must host an annual Ramadan (Iftar) dinner for Muslims as well. I wonder how many people on the terrorist watch list will be present at this dinner on June 30th? A fast-breaking (iftar) dinner is […]

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MINNESOTASTAN: So, how did a radical Muslim group convince 17 churches to put up 1800 ‘Blessed Ramadan’ signs around Duluth?

By BI: Don’t these church leaders know that doing business with the likes of designated terrorist group CAIR is the equivalent of selling your soul to the devil? We never see Merry Christmas signs on mosques or Muslim lawns.

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SWITZERLAND: Parental fury as pork sausages are banned and replaced with acceptable substitutes (i.e., Islamic halal meat?) on the school menu

By BI: Politicians with the conservative Swiss People’s Party believe school authorities in Basel have caved to religious minorities in their decision to take pork off the school lunch menu in the coming school year. Parents have condemned a school’s decision to ban all pork products from the menu so as not to offend Muslims. The Local Pork […]

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HOW RUDE! Invited by the Australian Prime Minster for a Ramadan dinner, Muslim guests insult their host by refusing to eat off dinnerware previously used by non-Muslims

By BI: Halal caterers had to bring in special dinnerware for Malcolm Turnbull’s Ramadan feast in submission to the religious demands of Muslims who refused to eat from plates previously used by those not of their faith…Muslims who included a notorious anti-gay Islamofascist cleric. UK Daily Mail  Mr Turnbull became the first Australian prime minister to […]

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PHILIPPINES: Beheading of Canadian citizen John Hall by Muslim terrorist group Abu Saddaf (WARNING: Extremely Graphic)

By BI: After beheading his fellow Canadian John Ridsdel in April, Abu Sayyaf – the Islamic militants from south Philippines – beheaded Canadian Robert Hall. Mr. Hall’s severed head was found near a Catholic cathedral on a remote island of Jojo. The two Canadians, as well as a Norwegian man and a Philippine woman were kidnapped […]

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A Culture Can Rise No Higher Than The Moral Position Of Its Women, And Western Women Are Freely Prostituting Themselves To Fulfill Muslim Men’s Most Debauched Perversions

By Andrew (Shoebat Sunday Special)  A culture can rise no higher than the moral position of its women. This quote is attributed to the late Mary McLeod Bethune. Born in the rural American south to a black family, she was the female Booker T. Washington of her time. Like Mr. Washington, Ms. Bethune believed that the […]

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