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Three Muslim Terrorists Strike Walmart In Amarillo Texas And Are Shooting And Taking Hostages

By Walid Shoebat Amarillo (Texas) police on scene of active shooting with hostage situation where 1 to 3 Muslim Somalis dressed in Walmrt uniforms are holding hostages at Walmart in Amarillo TX and SWAT is responding. The number of Somali terrorists is unconfirmed. AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) – “The Amarillo Police Department is reporting an active situation at […]

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WE TOLD YOU SO: Orlando Muslim Terrorist’s Ex-Wife Says Omar Mateen Was GAY And Used To Troll For Casual Sex With Random Men

For years, people laughed when we said there is a connection between Islam and homosexuality. For years, people became infuriated when we said and showed through consistent proofs that homosexuals are the most violent, socially deviant people in society. Recently, we said that there were no martyrs in the Orlando shootings because not only are […]

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Merkel Prepares To Slice What Is Left Of Europe’s Wrists And Give Visa Free Travel To All 80 MILLION People In Turkey

To paraphrase what Turkish President Erdogan said, ‘what our ancestors failed to do through military might we will accomplish through intellect.’ That is, the Ottoman conquest and Islamization of Europe. Europe has been receiving Muslims into its border since post World War II, beginning under the guise of “rebuilding” the economy. However, all that Europe did […]

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While The Sick And Dying Western World Is Freaking Out Over Homosexuals Killing Homosexuals, It Is Also Provoking World War III With Christian-Friendly Russia

On thing that I learned a while ago was that when everybody is looking in one direction, if you want to know what is really going on you need to look in the opposite direction. Better stated, many times news stories are promoted in the mainstream media in order to give a pre-manufactured conclusion to […]

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