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IDAHO: Media cover-up of the 5-year-old girl stripped naked, sexually assaulted, and peed on by 3 young Muslim migrants

By BI: Certain details, like the country of origin of the perpetrators were erroneously reported at first, which led many in the Obama sharia-compliant media to quickly dismiss the entire story….which they were more than happy to do. WND  A 5-year-old girl was sexually assaulted by two Muslim migrant boys, ages 14, 10 and 7, at an […]

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PHILADELPHIA: 5 Muslims shouting “We are ISIS” brutally assault restaurant patrons

By BI: Philadelphia police are looking for five men in connection with an assault outside Geno’s Steaks on June 11. The men, all caught on surveillance video, fled in two cars – a dark colored pickup truck and an SUV – both with New Jersey license plates. Philadelphia Inquirer  distributed information about the assault, but said the […]

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REACTIONS to a MUSLIM TERRORIST and a CHRISTIAN ‘TERRORIST’ – Social experiment or abject stupidity?

By BI: A so-called ‘social experiment’ aimed at comparing reactions to Muslim terrorists versus Christian terrorists has been branded “disgusting” by viewers on YouTube, particularly as it was published just one day after the Orlando terrorist attack. BehindtheNews  The video begins with YouTube prankster Joey Salads introducing the action, explaining that he will pose as a “Christian […]

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Would-be Trump assassin barely gets a mention in the media…imagine if it were Hillary

By BI: 20-year-old British illegal alien tried to grab an officer’s gun at the Las Vegas Trump rally for the stated purpose of assassinating Donald Trump. NY Post  A British man arrested at a weekend Donald Trump rally in Las Vegas tried to grab a police officer’s gun so he could kill the presidential candidate […]

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NEW JERSEY: Battle for Bayonne between American patriots and Muslim interlopers who are demanding to build yet another massive Jihad Indoctrination Center in a predominantly Christian neighborhood.

By BI: Bayonne residents who post anti-mosque signs on their property are reportedly being physically threatened by Muslims. ABC  Anti-Muslim signs are popping up in one New Jersey community concerning building a mosque. Those behind the signs claim that building an Islamic Community Center would be unsafe in the wake of the Orlando nightclub massacre. Other leftist Muslim […]

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None so blind as he who will not see. Despite the Orlando Muslim terrorist massacre, the LGBT community is calling for solidarity with the people who want to kill them

By BI: New York City LGBT activist says: “I would not blame Islam for the Islamic attack on the Gay community in Orlando, because Islam is a religion of peace.” That’s right, blame Donald Trump, blame white privilege, blame guns, blame anything but the world’s leading homophobic ideology that promotes hatred and killing of Muslims. […]

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70-year-old Air Force Veteran on the ISIS kill list is being evicted by his landlord for being on the ISIS kill list

By BI: American author, Ed Cline, got a visit from the FBI where he was informed that he was on the Islamic State murder list. When his landlord, Lawson Enterprises, found out, they chose to kick the 70-year-old Air Force veteran threatened by ISIS into the street. Frontpage  According to Cline, Lawson Enterprises informed him that he […]

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Homosexual Muslim Nightclub Shooter’s Wife And Father “Disappear,” Or “How Stupid Do You Really Think We Are?” And The Future Of Christianity In The West

There are things which are good and bad, and then there are things which are just plain ridiculous, such as how homosexual murderer  Omar Mateen’s wife, who is wanted for questioning in connection with the nightclub shooting has ‘disappeared’ and authorities have ‘no idea’ where she and possibly he is: In an interview the Sun Sentinel conducted […]

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The West Has Gone Mad: Millions of Christians Who Want To Live And Flee From Suicide Bombers In The Muslim World While Westerners Want To Commit Suicide

By Walid Shoebat When did we ever imagine that the day will come that a doctor giving you a lethal substance is now going to be considered a form of healthcare. When did we ever imagine that in North America the assisted-suicide landscape will change in a profound and historic way, especially when on Friday Canada’s […]

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