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Muslims Take Four Year Old Girl, Behead Her, And Then Force Her Mother To Soak Her Hands In Her Daughter’s Blood

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS terrorists took a four year old girl and beheaded her, and then forced her to soak her hand in her own daughter’s blood. According to one report: Islamic State terrorists have beheaded a 4-year-old girl in the group’s Syrian stronghold of Raqqa and forced her mother to soak her hands in […]

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ISIS Beheads Four-Year-Old Girl And Then Forces Mother To Soak Her Hands In Her Blood

If there is anything that can be expected from ISIS, is that it will always find new, creative ways to inflict horrible suffering on the most innocent for the sake of Allah: “A mother told her 4-year daughter to go home and she refused and then the mother told her unintentionally ‘go home and I […]

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Muslim Terrorists Are Using Boys As Honeypot Traps And Bargaining Chips Because The Afghan Police Are Addicted To Raping Little Boys

The best thing that has come out of this Orlando gay nightclub shooting is that is it finally, at least for  a time, forcing people to look at the prevalence of homosexuality in Islam. It is almost entertaining to watch, but it is rather sad how the current “hivemind” in the West is saying that […]

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War Criminals In US Government And Business Interests Are Provoking A Fight With Russia That Will End In Disaster

Last month, I wrote an article about how NATO’s top general is predicting war with Russia, beginning in the Baltic nations, in May 2017, which is also the 100th anniversary of the Fatima apparitions. Several days ago, I wrote about how the US government is working with NATO to set up advanced missile “defense” systems […]

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