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Muslims Charge After Christian Woman, Tell Her That She Blasphemes Muhammad, And Then Hack Her To Death With Knives

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Nigeria charged after a Christian woman, accusing her of blasphemy against Muhammad, and then hacked her to death with knives, as we read in one report: A Christian woman in Nigeria was stabbed to death Thursday for allegedly insulting the Islamic prophet Muhammad, prompting an outcry from Christians in the […]

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Muslims Take Nineteen Women And Burn Them All Alive

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS terrorists took nineteen women and burned them all alive, as we read in one report: Fighters of the terrorist group Islamic State have publicly executed 19 Kurdish women, local activists in Mosul reported. They were burned alive in iron cages in one of the city squares, sources told Kurdish ARA News […]

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Christian Preacher In Arizona Starts Preaching Against Homosexuality, A Lesbian Then Comes And Smashes His Head With A Baseball Bat

By Theodore Shoebat Christian preacher, Dean Saxton, was preaching outside of Apollo high school in Glendale, Arizona, when a lesbian attacked from behind, smashing his head with a baseball bat. had a chance to speak with Dean about the incident:     This is just another example that proves my point: outlaw the sodomite […]

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Knife-Wielding Muslim Fiend Kidnaps Two Women And Forces Them To Perform Lesbian Sex Acts On Each Other In Front Of A Toddler Before Stabbing Them Both In The Throat

  While the details in this story are still emerging, the fact is very clear that this attack was planned out carefully. What is most disturbing about it is that the attacker was more concerned about getting deported after serving his 14- years prison sentence that he received: A psycho knifeman has been jailed after […]

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The Counter Jihad Movement Loves Evil And That Is Why It Will Fail

  If you watch the news, especially the alternative media, you may have seen a man named Gerald Celente whose specialty is in trend forecasting. He is a interesting and colorful person when he speaks about his opinions. To borrow one of his expressions about politics, he says that the Republicans and the Democrats are […]

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