Archive | June 21, 2016

Gunman In Chicago Opens Fire with High-Powered Weapon In Front Of Church And Murders One Person

A gunman in Chicago opened fire in front of a church, killing one person, as we read in one report: As many as 40 shots were fired Sunday when a gunman using an assault weapon opened fire outside a church in Chicago, killing at least one person, police said. The shooting happened just before 2 […]

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Horde Of Rampaging Muslims Pillage And Burn 80 Christian Homes For Wanting To Build A Church For Themselves

  Something that we take for granted in the West right now is our ability to worship Christ freely and in truth. Indeed for many people around the world, being a Christian is literally a life for death decision, and if not that, it will not promise you riches or power but will guarantee poverty […]

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Hip Hip Hurray. Made It On The Top List of 33 Islamophobes As Well As The TOP #3 Homophobes In America

By Walid Shoebat Hip hip hurray! What a great country where one can make it big. finally made it on the list of the top 33 Islamophobes in America this year. We are honored to announce that the Council of American-Islamic Relations have chosen us to be on the list of top Islamophobes. Such an award for […]

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