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Check This Out: Erdogan Possessed By The Devil Dines With A Transvestite During The Muslim Holy Month Of Ramadan

Walid Shoebat To support the transgender movement, Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan yesterday had a Ramadan dinner with Turkey’s best-known transgender celebrity Bülent Ersoy “The Diva” (get this) hours after Istanbul riot police broke up an LGBT rally. Erdogan and his wife, Emine Erdoğan, shared the iftar (eating after sundown) at the end of the Muslim fasting day on Sunday at the […]

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Christians Gather Together To Remember The Christians Killed By Muslims, A Muslim Man Comes In Dressed Up As A Priest And Then Blows Himself Up And Slaughters Christians

Christians in Iraq gathered together to remember the Sayfo Massacre, in which the Ottoman Empire slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Christians from 1914 to 1918. A Muslim terrorist entered, disguised as a priest, and blew himself up, slaughtering three Christians. As we read in one report: A suicide bomber disguised as a priest killed three […]

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ISIS Ties Man To A Cross And Stabs Him Through The Heart In Ritual Human Sacrifice To Allah Just Like The Aztecs Did In Mexico

The man being murdered in this photo was accused of being a “crusader spy.” Look at these photos of his horrible murder that ISIS posted online yesterday: Now look at these drawings from the 16th century about the Aztecs of Mexico: Notice the similarity? There is no difference between what ISIS is doing and what the Aztecs […]

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Muslim Files A False Complaint With Police About A Church, Police Come And Beat Up The Pastor During His Sermon

If there are any Christians alive today who truly know what life in the early Church was like, it is Christians in Pakistan. These people literally live their lives day-to-day in a way that most cannot imagine. Hated by their Muslim neighbors and with no legal protections, they are harassed, beaten, attacked, and murdered each […]

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UK Sniper Blows The Brains Out Of ISIS Suicide Bomber In Miracle ALMOST A MILE LONG Shot And Saves Hundreds From Certain Death

He had 20 seconds and one shot.   If he missed, hundreds would die, since the target were ISIS terrorists in Libya who were driving a suicide bomb into a major market place and nobody knew it was coming. In an amazing, 1000-meter long shot, this UK SAS sniper hit the driver of the vehicle right […]

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