Gee, did the Pentagon host an annual Oktoberfest dinner for the Nazis while we were at war with Germany?

By BI: So, I guess Obama hosting an official Ramadan dinner at the White House isn’t enough, now the Pentagon also must host an annual Ramadan (Iftar) dinner for Muslims as well. I wonder how many people on the terrorist watch list will be present at this dinner on June 30th?


A fast-breaking (iftar) dinner is seheduled to be held by the US Department of Defense on June 30th. The event which is closed to the press kicks off with a Quran recitation by Chaplain Dawud Agbere who is also imam of the masjid in the Pentagon.

This is ALL being pushed (dictated) by Obama, Valerie Jarrett and the other muslim cohorts in Obama’s administration. I thought we had a separation of church and state? Obama would never dictate this for a Christian holiday. And you can be sure that no Muslim country in which we have a military presence at that country’s request ever has a Christmas or Easter celebration.

From the Ramadan dinner 2015: Speaker is John Esposito (below), is a virulently anti-Israel Muslim terrorist apologist and sympathizer.