Turkey’s Caliph Erdogan Is Rebuilding The Temple Of Zeus On A Grand Scale Preparing It For His 2023 Grand Vision For His Ottoman Caliphate Dream


By Walid Shoebat

“The Zeus Lepsynos Temple from the 2nd century B.C. will be revived to regain its former glory” reports Erdogan’s henchmen.

Erdogan is a replica of Hitler with all his fascination of historic relics. Erdogan desires to complete the image of their beastly empire and the date “2023” is set for the Temple of Zeus to be complete with its full glory.

Erdogan’s henchmen are collecting an arena size of dreams which Erdogan wants accomplished. This  includes rebuilding the glory of the Zeus Temple as he continually demands the Altar of Zeus returned back to Turkey from Germany.

AA photo

One such artifact brought back to Turkey—by Islamist Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan himself after an official visit to Washington, D.C.,—was the top half of an 1,800-year-old statue of Weary Hercules which the Romans admired and adopted him as part of their pantheon of Gods.

Why a Muslim is so fascinated with idols remains a mystery. No Meccan bowing Muslim would be fascinated with idols. The Turks, for their part, are unabashed:

“It is our dream to build the largest museum not only in the Middle East and the Balkan area but in the world

This is what the culture and tourism minister Ertugrul Günay said referring to the Zeus Temple including a vast new museum planned for Ankara that is due to be complete by the 100th anniversary of the Turkish republic in 2023.


Ertuğrul Günay and Erdoğan

Ertugrul Günay is one of Erdogan’s main henchmen. He was one of the thousands of young activists, like Erdogan, he was summarily detained in 1980 who shared the same political mentor: Islamist Necmettin Erbakan.

What Islam has to do with ancient idolatry should be a mesmerizing endeavor, especially that the ancient city of Zeus had restarted five years ago after a 36-year hiatus. Excavations head Abuzer Kızıl:

“said they had important projects to carry out on the Zeus Temple … he said their goal was to revive the blocks on the ground through a comprehensive restoration work and make the temple glorious again.”

AA photo

Turkey is also excavating the world’s largest Islamic graveyard (photo above), the Seljuk graveyard in the eastern province of Bitlis’ where the Seljuks had a burial place from 1040 to the final era of the Ottomans.

From pagan to Muslim Ottoman, Erdogan wants to revive the glory of all empires under its neo-Ottoman dream to be presented on 2023 for his glorious Ottoman accomplishments. What would be left, is what they so badly are fighting for, to return to Pergamum what Carl Humann took from “the slopes of a hill in Bergamo [Pergamum], near Izmir, Turkey:

“the ancient Altar of Zeus that he unearthed, with its dramatic frieze of the battle between the Gods and the Giants


Over the last year, Erdogan’s government, has resorted to ever-more aggressive measures, from threatening to suspend the excavation licenses of foreign archeological teams to blocking the export of museum exhibits. They want the altar from Berlin brought back.

The Greek worshipped many gods, but viewed Zeus – the god of the sky and thunder – as the king over all of the other astral deities. Later, the Romans also worshipped Zeus under the name Jupiter.

Erdogan’s spirit must be ancient enough to know that Allah is Baal, Sin, Zeus, or Jupiter involving the worship of the sun, the moon, and the stars.

Jesus did not refer to the Pergamum as simply the throne of Zeus, but rather as the throne of Satan himself where the Antichrist will reside. While the various beasts worshipped an assortment of gods under different names, Jesus actually referred to Zeus as the chief god of the ruling beast empire revealing this to being Satan. So Jesus alludes to a satan-pagan connect with Islam’s “Allah”. Here Satan masquerades as the God of both; the Quran and the lost Bible which Islam seeks to restore.

Jesus not only equate Zeus (or Jupiter) with Satan, but he states that Satan’s ‘throne’, or spiritual base, was geographically located in Turkey. It is for this reason that lucifer must establish a spiritual stronghold making Turkey the significant role in the Last-Days Antichrist Empire.

So how does Allah and Zeus connect? The Ancient Greeks designed temples in honor of gods. A new study shows that some Greek temples are aligned to the sun stars and the moon.

Only the Bible exposes the very guise of lucifer and even predicted history in advance of what this evil entity will do. No one can deny that in over a millennia ago, and even today, we have crescent-mooners hunting us down striving to end our Christian civilization where only the Bible predicted such enmity against Christ and the seed of the Woman.

John etched this as well as Isaiah and Ezekiel and even the Book of Judges.

In Judges 8:21, the word used for crescent is saharon, which literally means crescent moon. It comes from the root of sahar (Luminous) as in Isaiah 14 God renders lucifer as Hilal ben Sahar.

Hilal, or heylal, is Hebrew for “Luminous” or “morning star/crescent moon,” which is the very symbol of Islam including almost every cult that persecuted the seed of the Woman in Genesis 3:15.

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