Obama Humiliated By Russia And China While Turkey Invades Further Into Syria


By Walid Shoebat

Last week we predicted the outcome regarding the Syria negotiations, that the United States will be left out of the game:

It was too late for the U.S. It has already lost the chess gameTurkey is clever … This is why Turkey ceased the moment and moved into Syria militarily forcing the U.S. and Russia to move politically. The U.S. knows it can’t do anything about it. There are no more chips to move …

And today, the Obama Administration was snubbed by Putin regarding Syria, when Obama tried pursuing U.S. strategic interests. Even in China, Obama’s fiasco was worse. While all the leaders got the red carpet, Barack Obama, the leader of the world’s most powerful nation, was mysteriously left waiting in Air Force One after his plane touched down in Hangzhou, because, China said, there were no red-carpeted stairs there to greet him. Instead, Obama was forced to disembark through the belly of the plane, down a small flight of bare medal stairs.


Even the Wall Street today stated that the U.S. is out of the game regarding Syria:

Russia, Iran, and Turkey will fight to protect their interests regardless of U.S. objections. Iran is committed to preserving Mr. Assad’s rule, the Turks to crushing Syrian Kurds’ nationalist aspirations. Russia is determined that, with or without Mr. Assad, a core Syrian state remains a bulwark against Islamic radicalism and amenable to Moscow’s interests over Washington’s. The U.S. is, and is likely to remain, the odd one out.

As you read all major headlines, you find that everything is geared to masses being duped to believe that progress on killing ISIS is moving forward: “From Azaz to Jarabulus, our 91-kilometer border has been completely secured. All terrorist organizations have been repulsed and they have gone,” the Turkish media says during a televised speech. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said ISIS: “has lost its link with the outside world after losing all border areas” with Turkey. The monitoring group said that “rebels and Islamist factions backed by Turkish tanks and warplanes” had taken several villages on the border “after ISIS withdrew from them, ending ISIS’s presence…on the border.” Even the Russian Sputnik is duping or being duped to believe:

Firstly, if Russia, Iran and Turkey join their counterterrorism efforts, they will increase their anti-Daesh capabilities. In addition, they will also make it clear to the United States, Europe and the Middle East that they are the key players in Syria.


These are the headlines. The question is: how many casualties did ISIS lose during all these operations?

Answer: zero.

So what are all these headlines about? Where are all the ISIS dead bearded bodies we got so used to seeing being loaded on the back of pickup trucks?

They simply do not exist. The media does not cover the reality, they only cover what the political propagandists wants you to hear.

Russia, the U.S., NATO, China … all the world powers, they all welcome Turkey while the world and the self-proclaimed prophecy expert says that Turkey cannot be Antichrist since it does not control world powers. Well, it does, especially when it comes to Middle East policy.

Perhaps tracking one Muslim in Istanbul can tell the story of what’s going on. Rusty Azhiyev better known as Abdul Hakim, lives in Istanbul. Originally from Chechnya, Hakim has spent almost his entire life at war, and he is now the head of Ajnad al Kavkaz, or Soldiers of the Caucasus, the largest of the Muslim factions from the former Soviet Union fighting in Syria.

Istanbul is like a giant waiting hall in a train station. It’s easy to remain anonymous in that constant churn of people entering and exiting the city, and that’s what jihadis intent on going to Syria have done here. Though the exact number is hard to know, there are believed to be thousands of Chechens living in Istanbul, and even more Uzbeks, Kazakhs, and Tajiks … all coming to war in Syria.

Talk about the peoples of biblical Gomer, Beth Togarma and all these northern nations Ezekiel spoke about. And some of them are on their way to Syria, where they take up arms with factions fighting the Assad regime. Listen to what this guy says:

“The goal is to establish the religion of Allah, and to live according to the precepts of Allah everywhere

These fighters are not only in Chechnya, or are they exclusively from Chechnya, they are Uzbek, Kazakhs, Tajiks, Tunisians, Moroccans, Afghans … they are from all over the Muslim world coming into the corridors of the Middle East, aiming at Syria.

“Hakim and his colleagues are part of a new generation of fighters. They aren’t like the militia their fathers fought in during the first Chechen war, nor like the fighters from the Free Syrian Army in the first years of the civil war in Syria.”

Turkey sends these people into Syria. And yesterday, Turkey has sent more tanks into northern Syria, supposedly in an operation against the ISIS.

Syrian rebels backed by Turkey said they had recaptured at least eight villages from ISIS in the area.

Any dead ISIS bodies? No. In the latest incidents, at least 11 Turkish soldiers were killed in two separate clashes with the Kurdish PKK – one in Van province on Friday and another in Hakkari province on Saturday.

The fighting in Van, around the Tendurek mountains, resulted in the death of 13 PKK (not ISIS) militants in air strikes, Turkish media said.

They say “Thirty-three militants were killed in the Hakkari clashes,” the Turkish military said.

These are Kurds, not ISIS. One can easily find the funerals.

Syrian Kurd women fighters carry the coffin of a comrade killed in Manbij at a funeral in Qamishly, 13 August

The Kurds say Turkey’s bombardment of their positions is helping ISIS to attack Kurdish-held frontline areas in Syria and Iraq. Turkish bombardments have also angered Iraqi Kurds, since ISIS has increased its attacks against Iraqi Kurdish forces in the Makhmur area near the city of Mosul.

“Turkey shamelessly and openly backs IS and al-Qaeda terrorists against Kurdish freedom fighters,” says Sadi Pria, a top Iraqi Kurdish official in Irbil.

So is Turkey backing ISIS? Take a look at this BBC chart which can easily answer the question:

Graphic: Kurdish groups, Turkey and the Islamic State

If the KRG, Peshmerga, KDP, PYD, YPG and the PKK are all attacking ISIS, these should be in Turkey’s interest in its war on ISIS, right? To Turkey the Kurds are a bigger threat than ISIS. Both Turkey and ISIS want a world Caliphate while the Kurds simply want a state.

Now to understand the master plan, take a look and study this map and who is who from the different colors:

Map showing control of northern Syria

So we have the grey area which Turkey is controlling currently or will control very soon with blessings from NATO.

Then under it are the brownish-purplish ISIS control and to the left is FSA in purple. These are Turkey’s puppets. All these are in reality pro-Caliphate and pro-Turkey. Combine the grey, the purple, the reddish-brown … and soon these will combine half of Syria under Turkish control.

Russia and the U.S. has already expressed that no military solution is the solution and that the only solution is a political solution. This already tells us something; Russia will not come to the aid of Syria militarily. Russia won the battle against ISIS but Turkey won the war.

The U.S. democrats badly need a victory over ISIS to silence Donald Trump’s complaints about how poorly the Obama Administration handled the Middle East. The cost is the sale of Syria to Turkey which is already absorbing ISIS by simply adding ISIS recruits (and all new recruits including all factions) to what is dubbed as The Free Syrian Army. Shortly you will not find ISIS, Jabhat Al-Nusra, Ahrar Al-Sham or the Free Syrian Army … all these factions will unite, very soon. This deception will seem like a political victory for the democrats and Hillary is guaranteed to announce a victory for U.S. backed Free Syrian Army over ISIS. Turkey and Iran have a common interest in preventing an independent Kurdish nation. This would be a victory for them too. Both the U.S. and Turkey know that Turkey has a vested interest in being viewed as the stabilizing agent in the region.

In 2014 we predicted “The Coming Iranian-Turkish Alliance And Why Syria Is TOAST”. The toaster is on. It will take a few minutes while the butter is spread.

Mission accomplished. The devil wins, always, in the beginning. The Middle East can adapt. It can learn from the west, use its technology, play the western symphony … they have been doing it for ages and now Turkey directs the orchestra with a Quran, while the west tries, but without consulting the Bible since to them its passé.