Unbelievable: Expect Another Terror Attack Soon. CNN Instructs Lone Wolves How To Do A Better Job Next Time In New York And Tells Americans That The Solution To Terrorism Is To Keep Bringing In A Flood Of Muslim Immigrants Into The United States

By Walid Shoebat

When it comes to the war on terror, the big problem in this country are the so-called terror analysts and experts who aid the terrorists instead of national security. One real loon is CNN’s National Security Analyst, Peter Bergen. Today he writes giving his ‘expert view’ on the latest bombing by Rahami. Not only does he pass messages to terrorists on what type of chemicals to use or infrastructure they should attack next time; he also provides the most absurd national security advice:

“Because they [terrorists like Rahami] are American citizens, barring immigrants from Muslim countries or places where terrorism is endemic will do nothing to stem this problem. These jihadist militants are already here.”

It can’t it get any loonier than this. The logic is akin to saying that releasing more pedophiles from prison do nothing to slow the problem of child molestation, since these pedophiles are already on the street. Or that killing mosquitos and cleaning the swamps will not curtail Zika, we already have mosquitoes coming in from overseas. Do not shut the emergency shutoff valve to the fire hydrant, the murky water is filling the streets already. Therefore, let us stick our heads under the mud, become ass lifters, so that the other ass lifters can kick us again, and again, and again. Behold, the American ass-lifter.


The idiot loon even gives hidden messages instructing all lone wolf terrorists to adjust to the right type of chemical mix to use next time:

“Rahami also used the peroxide-based bomb ingredient HMTD, which is rarely used by terrorists because it is both unstable and not as powerful as another peroxide-based explosive, TATP.”

Bergen’s words are translated by all lone-wolves wannabe is this: “hey, idiots, you used the wrong chemical, next time use TATP” which they can easily find the recipe for.

How does this country allow someone to give technical knowhow to terrorists and get away with it amazes me. This guy should be locked up.

He then reminds terrorists how Rahami’s technique didn’t work in the past, hey guys, remember when: “Ahmed Ressam building an HMTD-based bomb in Canada that he planned to detonate at Los Angeles International Airport in December 1999”? Get your Allahu Akbars by watching CNN and next time use TATP. He even gives a better plan for next time telling them a better spot to plant their TATP explosives:

“Terrorists have been more successful with the more powerful peroxide-based bomb TATP, which was used in the London transportation bombings in 2005 in which al-Qaeda directed suicide attackers killed 52 commuters.”

In other words ‘Hey, you idiots, TATP killed 52 and next time aim at subways and train stations, see you next week on CNN’.

The idiot continues:

“Of course, a major difference with the Boston Marathon bombing is that Rahami did not succeed in killing his victims. Unlike the Boston Marathon bombers, Rahami did not place his bomb directly on the street in Chelsea where it could inflict significant damage, but instead put his inside a dumpster, which largely contained the blast. This was a rookie error.

In other words ‘Idiots, rookies, next time put the bomb on the street, forget the dumpster’.

Is it really that difficult to solve the problem of Muslim terrorism? No.

An immigrant becoming a citizen and gives allegiance to the United States to later switch and give his allegiance to the Muslim Caliphate should be charged with treason, fraud and his citizenship revoked, and deported before he plants a bomb. Any Facebook user that shows such allegiance should be automatically busted and investigated. Instead, the system allows Facebook to bust homophobia and Islamophobia.

It really does not take much to fix the broken system. Immigration from countries that have high populations of Islamists should be barred unless they are Christians suffering persecution. Mosque imams in this country should be government appointed just as they do in other secular governments. Google, Twitter, Youtube should be held responsible if terror material are posted for all to see. Isn’t this what we already do with child pornography? Ban all encrypted communication. What are you hiding anyway? Stop getting too involved in messing up the middle east. Build a wall and in addition to stopping terrorism you will also stop the drugs. Israel did it and curtailed terrorism significantly. In prison only allow pastors and priests to help fix the epidemic spiritually since love conquers all.

Simple plan. Why don’t they do it? It is because evil people hate what is good and love what is evil:

“Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” (Isaiah 5:20)

See this first word “woe”? Terrorism is just a “woe”. In other words, you reap what you sow.

The scourge of Islam is a symptom, it is not the problem. It is a symptom of a decaying society that shuns the very Bible which gives simple instruction on how to solve the problem of evil.

The worst explanation on Islam is what I endure listening to every day:

“Islam wants to destroy our way of life”.

What way of life? Can someone define to me which way of life are we defending here? Nudity? How to have safe sex? Homosexuality? Violent movies? High rate of divorce? Birth control? Abortion? College rebellion? Drinking? Multiculturalism? Evolution? Credit cards, fashion and spending every weekend mall shopping? Lack of frugality? Tattoos? Weird and sloppy fashions? Stupidity on all levels of society? Excessive love and addiction for sports? Is this how we define our way of lives?

Can someone show me a way of life that we all can be amazed at and is so admirable that is spreading viral?

Islam is not only a problem, it is a scourge, and symptom of a decaying society. A curse, a stinking manure, that will eventually be addressed after massive death toll and much needed repentance. Only then can this manure be consumed by the earth where the tree can use and produce good fruit.

“Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.” (Gal 6:7)