ISIS Central Headquarters, Dabiq, Up In Flames While Turkey Prepares For A Grand Battle For Aleppo


By Walid Shoebat

The center to the highly sophisticated ISIS propaganda machine Dabiq is now bombed, gone, up in smokes. The two story building was destroyed by air according to AlSumaria TV News. The group’s official magazine, centered in Dabiq, even carries its name. Dabiq is the core of ISIS’s apocalyptic propaganda since it relates to Muslim history and prophecy. Dabiq, ISIS claims, is the ultimate battle between Christians and Muslims which will be fought to bring in the Apocalypse. As it seems, ISIS’s Muslim version of the Apocalypse must be postponed, for now. So now what! Is the ISIS dream of their version of Armageddon destroyed? Al-Baghdady, as it seems, will soon be bagged, along with his prophetic hope. ISIS yesterday posted on Youtube their nasheed, the blues if you will; “Our calamity and our wound, Dabiq, the Caliphate …” In other words, what ISIS is saying is that “ours butt is getting kicked”. Of course, this sounds like great news. But hold your horses.



So is this over for the Dabiq dream? A report by Akram Hammou of Xeber24 gives the truth of what is happening:

Brigades of the Islamic extremists known as the “moderate opposition” operating under “The the Euphrates Shield, which is led by Turkey with the support of the international coalition led by Washington is advancing towards the town of Marj Dabiq after taking over 14 new villages including Kurdish villages.

The Brigades of these Islamic extremists, Euphrates Shield, led by Turkey and the support of the international coalition is targeting citizens in order to displace them from their villages replacing them by Turkmen in order to carry out a demographic change [ethnic cleansing] in the region … According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the clashes are still continuing between the “Islamic State” on the one hand, and the Islamic backed factions backed by Turkish tanks and Turkish aircrafts on the other hand. The northern countryside east of Aleppo, where they managed the last to achieve new progress and control … bringing to 14 villages dominated by these Islamist battalions … But what is truly happening is a simple process of switching positions preceded by heavy bombardment by the Turkish war machine to displace residents

The factions are controlling Dabiq which is of strategic importance to the organization of the “Islamic state”, which is this town, that is “the starting point of the Islamic armies to dominate the world and fight the Romans [Christian West],” based on the Hadith from Abu Huraira: “The Prophet said, ‘The Hour will not come until the Romans camp at al-A’mash or Dabiq. An army, composed of the best people on earth at that time, will come out from Madinah [Saudi Arabia] to meet them. When they have arranged themselves in ranks, the Romans [western allies] will say, ‘Do not stand between us and those who took prisoners from amongst us. Let us fight with them.’ One-third will run away, and Allah will never forgive them. One-third will be killed, and they will be the best of martyrs in Allah’s sight. One-third, who will never be subjected to trials or tribulations, will win, and will conquer Constantinople.

Whilst they are sharing out the booty, after hanging their swords on the olive-trees, Satan will shout to them that the Dajjal [Antichrist] has taken their place among their families. When they come to Syria, the Dajjal will appear, while they are preparing for battle and drawing up the ranks. When the time for prayer comes, Jesus the son of Mary will descend and lead them in prayer. When the enemy of Allah (i.e. the Dajjal) sees him, he will start to dissolve like salt in water, but Allah will kill him.’ ” (Muslim.)”

So what we have here is a systematic exchange where militants are switching, where ISIS leaves and Turkish appointed militants take over, and where one population is forced out to be replaced by another (Turkmen).

Now that ISIS is losing, it proves to the Muslims that ISIS were schismatic and unorthodox and that Turkey is Orthodox Sunni which crushed the ISIS dream to bring Dabiq into the correct interpretation that the Ottomans are to lead the ultimate battle from the gates of Syria to the Golan Heights to Jerusalem and it is mission accomplished, prophecy fulfilled for all.

We said it years ago, ISIS will be replaced by Turkey, which is now called Euphrates Shield. When Dabiq is taken by the Euphrates Shield, the sounds of victory and Allah-Akbar will be heard throughout the Middle East. Turkey will self-fulfill parts of this twisted prophecy by declaring ‘Islam won,’ the AKP Neo-Ottomans have already “conquered Constantinople” in accordance to the Dabiq prophecy. And now it will conquer Syria, later Iraq and then Egypt and Libya and then to Jerusalem.

And by that the neo-ottomans will fulfill not just Islam’s twisted prophecy, but also Daniel’s true prophecy.

Lesson learned? Always remember, when it comes to evil, think the opposite and you got it right. Principalities in dark places creates catastrophes and they do not let any catastrophe to go to waste.

Today every western nation hates the Muslim Immigrants. But hold on just one second. Think of the ultimate plan. Turkey had sought for over five years to impose itself on the Syrian affairs creating a climate of hostility in order to conquer the country. Turkey then opened its gates for the refugees which resulted in these catastrophes, creating the Syrian refugee crisis, as a weapon of supposed humanitarian rights by sending these to Europe, where Germany also took these in open arms, also taking advantage of these catastrophes, in order to create its revivalist agenda of an Alt Right party unification with the CDU that is meant to combat this flood created by the Red Dragon, Turkey.

Now major Germany politician, Frauke Petry, the head of the Alternative for Deutschland Party, the third most popular party in Germany, just declared that there is going to be a “darwinian” war between Germans and non-Whites. This is only a sign of the race war that political elites want, and the coming of nazism and Social-Darwinism in Germany, as it was, and is, and is not yet, for the Young Turks, the Ottomans of old and the neo-Ottomans of today. Always think, but always think wisely.

As we said before, what we see is the control of the principalities of the air and in dark places, where the world is being re-plunged into the same ideologies from the past. But this time, it is not simply just recent history, but ancient history, where we will see even neopaganism arise as we see in Mexico next door to the U.S. The Bible was and is and will always be true.

This is the time for the dark world to prevail. This is the hour where the devil will win.

In a decade or two from now, be prepared for the coming of a Third World War, and keep vigilant and faithful. Things will happen in slow motion, then they speed up, so stick around my old-friends, much labor is needed to make the sun swing. Lone is the swallow and expensive is the spring.