Major Political Figure In Iraq Sends This Message To The United States: ‘Congratulations To Donald Trump For Winning, He Will Help Destroy ISIS’

Iraq’s Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi expressed his gladness of a Trump victory, and his willingness to work with the administration to be in the fight against ISIS. As we read in one report: 

Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abadi tweeted support Wednesday for President-elect Donald Trump, saying he looked forward to working with the U.S. to fight terrorism.


Abadi is four weeks into a major U.S.-backed operation to retake the Islamic State city of Mosul. Associated Press Baghdad-correspondent Susannah George tweeted that some Iraqis are elated at Trump’s election, and believe he will be tougher on terrorism than former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton might have been.

The defeat of ISIS in Mosul is likely far from over. Pentagon officials warned reporters before the operation began that ISIS was likely to convert to insurgency after losing the city of Mosul. “If anything, it’s gonna be more difficult,” Canadian Army Brig. Gen. Dave Anderson said, describing the coming fight against ISIS as an insurgent force.

Other Iraqis said they are cheering for Trump to show their support, in the hopes that he does not withdraw U.S. forces from Iraq after the Mosul operation is finished. Trump has previously indicated he does not support telegraphing his military or foreign policy intent, in the hopes ambiguity will confuse the enemies.