Major Investigative Report Finds: ‘By 2080, Italians Will Be A Minority In Their Own Country As Muslims And Africans Take Over’

It is a known fact that there are many issues connected to the “refugee crisis.” One of these is the concern that the increase in people from foreign nations may eclipse the people who live in Europe. According to a report by GEFIRA, the group who exposed the collusion between the European governments and the migrant traffickers, they said that at the current rate with ZERO immigration further added and considering the birthrates of Europe, Italians will be a minority in their own nation before the end of the 21st century:

Though the official data shows that Italy’s population was growing until 2015 and according to a Eurostat projection it will stabilize within the next decades, the number of indigenous citizens is shrinking with an astonishing pace: every year by a quarter of a million, and this decline will accelerate. That means that the projected demographic growth can only be achieved by mass migration from Africa and Central Asia. Currently most migrants in Italy are from Romania but that number is declining rapidly. There will be less and less migration from other European countries because all European nations are in a dramatic demographic decline and because due to the prolonged Italian economic crisis the country is not a prime destination for people from other European states.

If the official Eurostat forecast is correct, then within 60 years or, taking into consideration the current pace of migration even sooner, 50% of Italy’s inhabitants will be of African or Asian descent. The figures found by our demographic-research team are by far not unique and government statisticians have the same numbers. Not only are the Italian and European authorities fully aware of this, but they seem to be executing a re-population program on such a monumental scale that will dwarf the Swedish mass migration experiment.

The Italian fertility rate (of indigenous and naturalized female citizens), i.e. the number of children per woman, is 1.34, which is far below the replacement level of 2.1. Much the same is true of the whole European continent. In this respect Europe resembles Japan.The difference is that while the Japanese authorities expect the country’s population to decline by a stunning 60% by the end of this century, the European governments predict a population growth. Why is that so? The answer is simple. The European leaders have opted for replenishing their nations with migrants whereas their Japanese counterparts have not.

With zero immigration and the current birth rate Cerberus 2.0 predicts that in 2080 the Italian population will be reduced to about 27 million people and in 2100 it will be further reduced by 60% to 20 million, which is the same result as the Japanese statisticians predict for Japan. Surely, the renowned economists, policymakers, and trend forecasters are aware of such a drastic change in Western societies or are they?

Despite these data, the Italian government and Eurostat expect that by 2080 there will be 53 to 60 million inhabitants in Italy. This can only be true if the indigenous population is replenished with 25 to 30 million first-generation migrants and their offspring from Africa or Asia. Even if migration does not accelerate, the Italians will be a minority by 2080. If we consider the migration rate of the last five years, this can happen even sooner.

While the general public is unaware of its fate, top policy-makers know the numbers. German, Spanish, Norwegian, Irish and Dutch NGOs as well as the European Navy have ferried a shocking 600 thousand non-Western migrants from Libya to Italy since 2014. This has been done with the full complicity of the current Italian authorities. The grand replacement is no accident nor is it intended to be stopped. It is a well designed, devious program without the European natives having a say. (source)

Now this report is not new news, because as many people have discussed, there is an existential crisis taking place in Europe right now as European birth rates have plummeted at the same time countless persons from all throughout the work, but particularly North Africa and the Middle East, have flooded Europe. This is not an accident and neither is it an invasion, for as we at have pointed out, the persons are being actively trafficked into Europe by the governments of Western Europe working in conjunction with NGOs, corporations, charities, and social media to achieve this goal. The collusion has been proven to be so extensive that the European navy and the smugglers who are being paid to bring people to the port cities of the Mediterranean coast and then to sail off have each other’s phone numbers and routinely contact each other.

We at have also been repeatedly pointing out that the reason for bringing such large numbers of people over is because it is an attempt to foment ethnic nationalism in an attempt to revive the old alliances of the Second World War. Thus far, the plan has worked, for as the disorder coming from the migrants is allowed and encouraged, so too have people across Europe sought out nationalist groups and ideas from the past as a point around which to define a “resistance.” Yet the “resistance” is in reality a farce, for this is what these same governments who brought the migrants in want, and who are at the same time rebuilding their military and industrial sectors. Of particular note is Germany, who not only has taken in the most migrants and seen much of the trouble caused by them, but also has had the most notable increase in ethnic nationalism and paganism as well as engaged in the most fervent efforts at reindustrialization and entering into alliances with nations from which she drew resources from and fought with in the second world war.

The “migrants” are an ideal excuse for a war because of their bellicose actions and absolute lack of desire or ability to successfully integrate long-term by the majority of them. When another war does happen, the migrants or anybody who looks as though he could be a migrant will be blamed for the problems today, whether or not he caused them. In a long-term sense, it is better the migrants do not go to Europe at all, for they are as much being manipulated for political reasons just as the peoples of Europe are in order that the nation will be able to more boldly assert itself in the world political sphere, as UK economist Bernard Connolly pointed out in 2009:

Ultimately, all of what we are seeing is the rebuilding of the Third Reich except in a modern context. Times change, but principles and peoples do not.

However, there is a problem with the entire concept of the “third reich” or in this case, a “fourth reich.” Hitler famously said that his “reich” would last for a thousand years. That was shown to be false, as in spite of the many technological and scientific achievement of the National Socialists as well as the speed at which Germany conquered most of Europe, it did not even survive “becoming a teenager,” as it was destroyed after just 12 years.

This should give a person reason to ponder. If the “great reich” was destroyed in such a short time, what is to say that were it to be revived, that it would last even a few years longer, let alone hundreds of years? Given the deadliness of modern weapons and including the coming weapons that we have warned about in the form of killer robots, if such weapons were to be used, would one think that the world would be able to stay together in any sort of recognizable form, as the destruction inflicted would be so great, so terrible, that one can barely comprehend it?

While the sufferings of Jews in the Second World War is often discussed, even greater was the suffering of the Slavic people, especially the Poles and the Russians. Nobody knows the actual numbers of how many died because it was so great, but one can say with certainty that it was no less than 20 million. Add to this the fact that just a decade before the second World War, between 8 to 12 million people in Ukraine starved to death in the Holodomor, one of the greatest mass murders of the 20th century that is hardly ever discussed, let alone acknowledged.

In a period of 15 years, one can say that tens of millions of Slavic people were wiped out at the hands of others in a terrible war. The Slavs did not disappear.

However, what Germany and the Bolsheviks could not do the Slavic people themselves are doing at their own hand. Through a combination of abortion (Russia has one of the highest abortion rates in the world and with the exception of Poland, abortion is rampant throughout all of Eastern Europe), birth control, and a general refusal by people to have children, the Slavic nations are all in serious population decline so much that it is threatening their national security. The largest of this is Russia, who is facing the steepest decline while at the same time is having its own “migration crisis” from the republics of Central Asia. While their birthrate are also low and their abortion rates high, they are respective higher and lower than Russians to the extent that they are beginning to replace the Russians, especially in the Far East. The area of Russia with the lowest abortion rate and also the only one above “replacement rate” for births is the Muslim-majority Chechnya in the south of Russia. Even in majority Catholic Poland where the abortion rate is very low, the population birthrates are abysmal, and many Polish women admit simply to going to Germany or the UK for an abortion.

The “Slavic suicide” taking place right now is mirrored across all of Western Europe too. It does not matter the nation, for with the exception of Iceland and the Faroese Islands (at 332,000 and 50,000 people respectively), no nation has a birthrate that is at replacement rate, all have high abortion rates, and the numbers are not improving. What makes the numbers of Western Europe even more concerning is that the “fertility rate” does not take into consideration a difference between “native non-Muslims” versus Muslims or the migrants. If these were to be separated, while Eastern Europe is low, the numbers for Western Europe would be even lower, with Muslims and migrants having the majority of the children and the “native Europeans’ having almost none.

The irony of this is that the “fertility rate”, which is calculated as the average number of children birthed per adult woman, is not a hard issue to fix. People in Europe are clearly having sex, and lots of sex. However, none of that sex is resulting in children. All that has to happen is for men and women to (a) stop using birth control and (b) stop aborting the children conceived or, in some cases, (c) to adopt children. It is a known fact that the European governments give generous subsidies to families in order to encourage people to have more children. However, the fact is that people just do not want to have children.

But the Muslims and Africans do.

Nations rarely die by the hands of another. Poland was destroyed by Russia, Austria, and Prussia at the same time, she ceased to be for two centuries, and yet she did not disappear. However, she is being destroyed right now along with the rest of Europe by parents killing their own offspring and refusing to bring the next generation into existence.

The same situation is also reproduced in the USA, but with the African people. Many “pro-black” persons will say that the family unit was destroyed by slavery, and that slavery was the reason why so many black people are in the miserable state which they are in. However, the famous American black sociologist E. Franklin Frazier argues in his works that the black family was not destroyed by slavery, and neither was it destroyed by the “Jim Crow” laws or discrimination. What is destroying the black community is something which also has the majority support of many blacks, which is abortion and birth control.

Five centuries of slavery, struggle, and problems could not destroy the descendants of the African slaves in the USA. However, suicide is.

Or consider another situation in the USA, with the “native Anglo” population (referring to the Protestant peoples of the UK who came to and founded what became known as the USA) being “supplanted” by the “immigrants.” Likewise, the immigrants which came to the USA in the 19th an 20th century from Ireland, Germany, France, Poland, Italy, and many other nations did not simply “take over” the USA by arriving, but they also had children and were integrated into the population. When two centuries ago it was a common sign to see in businesses of “no Irish need apply,” it was later on that not only were the Irish integrated into the USA, but became the second-largest bloc of the population after German people. This was at the same time that by comparison, the Protestant Anglo peoples, while they still had larger families than those today, were smaller than those of the immigrants.

A similar situation is happening with the peoples from the Spanish-speaking world who are migrating to the USA. While “American” people have been integrated and have two or fewer children, the migrants today tend not only to still have larger than average families, but due to the large numbers which they constitute, with many having been originally invited in to work on the farms and other sectors of the agricultural industry, they are going to play and are playing a significant role in shaping the future of the country.

No matter where one goes, one finds that people are very, very tough and can survive under difficult circumstances. As anybody who has been in a difficult situation will tell you, the most important part is the will to survive. The moment a person does not want to live any more marks his end because while he may have the means to provide for himself, if he will not use what tools he has then the tools are useless.

The migrants who have been brought to Europe are not going anywhere. I emphasize that it does not matter what reason they were brought or what the purpose is- while that is important to discuss, the fact is that in terms of population change, this is the reality, for very seldom does a people die by the hand of another imposed from the outside. The migrants are going to change Europe because at this point, there are so many of them there is no way they cannot change Europe. The same is to be said about the Muslims, for while many have come since 2015, they had already been coming for decades and are well established in Europe.

I’m not saying anything in favor, against, or relating to anything attempting to justify or refute what is happening. What I am saying is that based on policy decisions that from what we can see are for the most part directed at selfish ends, Europe is changing in ways that are likely going to be permanent.’

There is an idea being proposed that if a “fourth reich” returns, then it will solve the “migrant/Muslim problem.” However, it does not matter if a “fourth reich” returns or it does not return. Not only are massive population changes difficult, if not nearly impossible to change, but the fact is that “getting rid of the Muslims/migrants” will not change Europe’s views about family, abortion, and birth control. Europe would still decline because it is choosing to decline, and it would still inch towards death because it wants to. Yet the reality is that it does not have to, but is purely choosing to for selfish reasons.

There is much that Pope Francis has said about the Muslims and migrants that is worthy of criticism. However, at the same time, he is also correct to say that the Muslims and migrants need to be converted, because based on the population trends and the simple fact of demographic change, they are the future of Europe. Again, I do not say this because this is what I want to be the future, but the fact is that the future is determined by the people who have children, and if a people does not have children, they disappear. Europe does not want to have children, the Muslims and migrants do. Therefore, the future belongs to them because they want to exist, whereas the Europeans do not. Instead of having children or families, many of the “new nationalists” are simply for perpetuating the status quo, choosing to use the dysfunction of the Muslims and migrants as an excuse to seek power for themselves.

So yes, Italians will be a minority in their own countries so long as trends continue. The answer is as simple as getting married and taking off the condoms/putting down the birth control pills. Children are a gift from God, and they come naturally to those who choose to engage in natural relations.

But Europe doesn’t want that. She wants to engage in and promote unnatural relations, to indulge in pleasure without responsibility, and to use others as an excuse for her problems. Meanwhile, the Muslims and migrants are having the children the Europeans refuse to and doing the work they refuse to.

That is why they are taking over or as many have said, being replaced- because the Europeans are choosing to give up their societies. Just as a house that is not looked after will fall into decay, so is the same for societies. If one person will not care for society, another person will and inevitably will replace those who have abdicated their responsibilities.