Muslim Woman Declares ‘I Enjoy Having Sex With A Genie- He Is Better Than My Husband And Fulfills My Fantasies’

A Muslim woman made a shocking statement in which she declared that she enjoys having sex with genies, or jinn, , that they fulfill her fantasies and are better than her husband:

“I have this terrible secret that I keep from my husband,” Leila (real name withheld) told The Nairobian. “I cheat on him with a demon!”

Leila recounted how a spirit has been defiling her since the couple moved to Mlaleo in Kisauni, Mombasa three months ago.

“When I am alone in the house, I sometimes fall unconscious and then this man comes over me, and we make passionate love.

Though he fulfils my wildest fantasies, he does not allow me to see his face. I wake up aroused and sore, which makes me feel violated and dirty. I usually take a long shower, to wash the demon off,” she explained.

Asked why she has never sought help, she said: “Rape is a difficult thing for any woman to talk about. I told my husband that we need to move to another house, but he accused me of nagging.”

But a friend she confided in frightened her more, saying the demon would not leave her simply because she had changed houses, and that her ordeal would continue till proper ‘purification rites’ were conducted.

Another of her friends claimed nearly all houses in Kisauni are haunted and that the phenomenon is not new. Halima, a housewife, told this writer that during her pregnancy, two years ago, a spirit almost made her lose her baby.

“He used to come to me at three in the morning with my husband lying right beside me,” she said. “It got so bad that I had to finish my term at my parents’ home in Kaloleni.”

She says her mother organised for a religious teacher to conduct a cleansing ritual and gave her ‘protection’ which she wears round her wrist at all times.

The Nairobian also heard of cases where a woman is betrothed to a spirit from birth, but could not verify these claims.

“This usually happens in homesteads where the family is rearing a djinn for financial success, but you can never get them to admit it. However, one of the daughters, usually the prettiest, never marries. How do they explain that?” wondered a Kisauni resident.

SUPKEM Coast branch Chairman Shariff Muhdhar Khitami when contacted revealed he has dealt with similar cases by reciting certain verses of the Quran.

“Spirits are mischievous and evil, and those possessed require ‘ruqya’ (spiritual healing). It may happen especially for people who do not adhere to strict, moral and hygienic standards. Eating out in public is not good, and women should keep indoors during their periods unless it’s absolutely necessary,” he said.

Shabbir Talab, a leader of the Indian community at the Coast also concurred, explaining that exorcism is usually performed to cast out demons, and that women need to avoid indecent display of nudity to stay safe.

While Father Gabriel Dolan, a Catholic Church cleric, blamed the incidents on “the history of violence in places like Kisauni,” Sharon Hill, attributes the phenomenon to people ‘dreaming, hallucinating, imagining or having an episode of ‘sleep paralysis.’’

Counselling psychologist, Mary Ater, says this could be an unspecified delusional disorder more common in women than men.

“It is, however, difficult to make a clear diagnosis without adequate information or history about these women. Drugs, physical or other mental illnesses should also not be ruled out,” says Ater. (source)

Now clearly there are many problems with this woman, but she raised an interesting concept, which is the concept of the genie in Islamic thought.

Christianity teaches that there are essentially three creations. The first are Angels, who are spirits without bodies and owing to their unique closeness to God are endowed with extraordinary capabilities and are aeviternal but cannot reproduce. The second are animals, who are the lowest creations, have no spiritual gifts, can reproduce, and are temporal. Then there are humans, who are aeviternal and can reproduce, possessing fewer spiritual gifts than angels but over the animals. Hence why in the Balitmore Catechism it is written that man is a creature composed of body and soul, a little higher than the animals and a little lower than the angels. Man is uniquely made in the image and likeness of God as well.

Islam’s conception of man as well as the spiritual world is far different and less developed owing to the multitude of unexplainable issues on account of Islamic theology’s nature that believe Allah can act as he wills for the sake of will itself. I will try to avoid the deeper theological issues, since there are so many.

The Koran speaks little to man’s nature, other than to say that he was “made in the best of moulds and then abased to the lowest except for those who believe and do righteous deeds,” with the understanding that a man’s humanity is conditional upon his believe in and practice of Islam, and that the difference between a man’s humanity and that of an animal is one of believe.

If this is not problematic enough, it is even more problematic to discuss the Islamic concept of angels, for angels perfectly execute the will of Allah even if it means committing error and are not eternally damned at all. However there is another class of spiritual being that resides somewhere both between men/animals and angels and well as below men/animals, which is the Genie, or jinn.

Genies are quite peculiar in Islam and represent a syncretic mix of Christian and pagan ideas. The word jinn itself is said to have come from the Persian word Jahni, meaning succubus, and genies appear all throughout the pages of the Arabian Nights, which originated in Persia, such as the Merchant and the Efreet, which is the first story that Shahriyar narrates in the book. According to Islam, genies:

-Are made from fire
-Are invisible but can make themselves visible
-Are inherently prone to mischief and causing spiritual chaos by nature
-Can partake in all human activities such as eating, drinking, sleeping, sex, and fighting
-Can die
-Can convert to Islam and have to be evangelized per Mohammed

Interestingly, the word for “possessed by a demon” in arabic is majnun, being related to jinn and meaning “to have a genie.” This is because there is no concept of fallen angels in Islam, only genies cause spiritual trouble, never angels, because angels are a direct extension of Allah. Thus when Islam speaks about “Shaytan” or “Iblis” (which are sometimes regarded as one or two different beings, as no clear answer is given), it is speaking about genies.

In Islam, the devil is a genie and demons are genies. This has been acknowledged by Muslims since the inception of Islam.

But here is the irony- genies, or demons, per Islam can be GOOD and can be converted to Islam. This is, however, at the same time that Muslims will acknowledge that the jinn are thieves and will try to steal Allah’s messages and is why angels throw rocks at them:

The Muslim loudly professes his belief in the supernatural creatures found between men and angels, namely the Jinn. According to Muslim tradition the Jinn were created of fire some thousands of years before Adam. The Jinn are considered to be like men, capable of future salvation and damnation; they can accept or reject God’s message; they are believers or non-believers. According to the Quran Muhammad was sent to convert the Jinn to Islam as well as the Arabs (Suras 72:1-7 and 15:27). The Jinn are reported to be eaves-droppers and constantly trying to go behind the curtains of heaven in order to steal God’s secrets. For this reason the good angels throw stones at them, that is shooting stars, and the common name given to these demonic transgressors is therefore “the stoned ones” Ar rajim ( See the commentaries on Suras 55:14; 51:56; 11:120, etc.).  (source)

Christianity teaches otherwise. The Bible and sacred tradition make clear that demons are angels who chose to disobey God and have fallen from His grace, and by their angelic natures have fixed their will against God and can do no good, but only evil. Demons can attack people sexually- hence a succubus attacks men (while an incubus attacks women)- and while it can have a physical aspect, demons do not have sexual organs. It cannot “impregnate” a woman, that is.

In Islam the concept is completely different, as a genie can actually impregnate women or be impregnated by a man, and they can even get married.

All of these questions, by the way, are not something from “another time,” but are another side of Islam that few people see, for beyond the terrorism and violence that is so easy to see is a world of Islam defined by ancient pagan witchery such as this and can be made known by a simple google search:

For example, “impregnanted by jinn”:

Google autosearch for “marry a jinn”:


There are even Muslim scholars who go so far as to say that if a man does not say “Allah” before having relations, the genies will “wrap himself around his urethra and has sex with him” and the child born may be a mukhannath, or an effeminate man. This is based on the hadith:

The truth is that it is possible for human beings and jinns to have intercourse and al-Tha`alibi mentioned [in his Tafsir] that that is the meaning of {and be [O Iblis] a partner in their [human beings’] wealth and children} (17:64). Al-Hakim al-Tirmidhi [in Nawadir al-UsulAsl 76 and Asl 207] and Ibn Jarir [al-Tabari in his Tafsir (22:248)] narrated that Mujahid said: “When a man has intercourse with his wife and does not name [Allah], the jinn coils around his urethra and has intercourse along with him. That is the meaning of the saying of the Most High: {whom neither man nor jinn has touched before them} (55:56) [cf. also al-Baghawi in his tafsir under that verse].” … Ibn `Abbas said: “The epicenes (mukhannathoon) are the sons of jinns. Allah and His Messenger forbade that a man have intercourse with his wife during her menses; when he does, Shaytan is there before him and then she may get pregnant and will give birth to a mukhannath. (source, source)

But aren’t demons evil? If genies are demons and demonically possess people, how can they be good at all? Isn’t that self-contradictory?

Yes, it is. But this is the nature of Islam, for the nature of Islam is just a reflection of the nature of the god it professes and ultimately, the man who created it.

Consider above the mukhannath, which as we have explained, is a third gender that Islam embraces and roughly corresponds to an “effeminate male.” Homosexuality (liwat) in Islam is forbidden, because it involves a man who acts like a man sodomizing another man who acts like a man. However, if one of those men were to put on a dress and act like a girl and thereby make himself a mukhannath- or an effeminate male- the fact that he has a penis and is being sodomized by another man is irrelevant because Islam regards him as being member of a third gender. It does not matter that he is doing the same deed as the man who acts like a man does, because it is not the nature of the act but the way the act is performed.

This is the sickness of Islam, the same sickness that says one can have sex with demons, that can punish homosexuality as it legalizes it, as it can say that God can possess irreconcilably contradictory natures yet still be the same God, and that says that demons can be converted yet their nature is evil.

God is the author of order. The devil is the author of confusion who will call good as evil and evil as good.

Islam claims to be an “Abrahamic” religion, yet the more one looks into it beyond the violence one sees that it is the culmination of all heresies, a return to paganism dressed up in the clothes of the Bible that offers men holiness through the indulgence of their vices when it is just the deceitful clamor of devils whose voices from the deserts of antiquity still echo today.

To this there is only the answer of the words spoken by St. Benedict:

Vade Retro Satana

Nunquam Suade Mihi Vana

Sunt Mala Quae Libas

Ipse Venena Bibas