Trump’s Approval Rate Seemingly Continues To Drop As His Disapproval Rate Increases

Presidents go through periods of approval and disapproval. With the exception of nations where obviously faked results are standard practices, there is never a complete approval of every leader, and that number generally fluctuates depending on the political conditions.

Trump is a very controversial figure, but something that one can note is that is approval rating today lower than ever according to the Washington Post.

The magnitude of President Trump’s polling collapse is breathtaking. The Post-ABC News poll in March showed his approval rating nudging into positive territory (48 percent approval vs. 46 percent disapproval); the latest poll released on Sunday shows him back in negative territory (45 percent to 53 percent). His personal favorability is net -13. His rating on handling the coronavirus has gone from a net +6 to a net -7.

Even more dramatically, from a statistical tie (49 percent to 47 percent) in March, former vice president Joe Biden’s lead has soared to a 10-point lead (53 percent to 43 percent). Biden has an enormous approval advantage among groups critical to his victory. “Currently, suburbanites are more favorable toward Biden than they were toward Clinton in May 2016, with Biden at 50 percent favorable compared with 38 percent who were favorable toward Clinton then.”

The poll was completed before the extent of the reaction to George Floyd’s unjustified killing had played out. (source)

Meanwhile, some reports say that his disapproval rating is as high as 54%, making it the largest for a president in his first term.

It does not matter if one loves or hates Trump. What one can say is that Trump has been failing miserably in his duties as a president, a lot of people are upset about the riots, and while it is still likely he will win based on the electoral college, a lot of people are disappointed or feel betrayed by the job he has done, and the riots have only worsened that impression in the public mind.

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