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Biden Fears Trump Will Try To “Steal” The 2020 Election

With less than half a year left until the elections, Democrats are already lining up any number of potential excuses, should the so-called “unthinkable” happen- a victory for Trump. One of year’s main avenue of attack looks like it may be placing blame on the fact that Americans will have to go to the polls […]

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The Government Of Houston Is Now Warning About A Possible Spike In Coronavirus After 60,000 People Rallied For Criminal George Floyd

By Theodore Shoebat The government of Houston is now warning about a possible raising of the “public threat level system” to level 1 due to coronavirus. This comes just eight days after a huge rally that took place in Houston in honor of George Floyd in which around 60,000 people gathered together to mourn about […]

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Republican Congressmen Are Socially Distancing Themselves From Trump

Nobody wants to be associated with a loser, and that is how Trump has portrayed himself, for far from improving the country, he has divided her worse than before, and possibly not to his benefit, but his detriment, for as The Daily Beast reports, congressman who once associated with Trump are now distancing themselves from […]

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Trump Administration Prepares To Spend Another Trillion Before The Year Is Over

With stocks tumbling, it was only a matter of time before Trump trotter out the so-called ‘stock plunge protectors’, and sure enough minutes after Steve Mnuchin dialed into CNBC, he said that “we can’t shut down the economy again” amid growing fears of a second virus wave, and just to get the Robin hood traders […]

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Mnuchin Wants More Money Printing

Once money printing begins, it rarely stops. This is a fact that is known throughout history because once the concepts enters into the public mind that they can “print” themselves to prosperity, a nation is historically finished. Having noted this, it is of interest to declare that following the COVID-19 stimulus checks, Mnuchin is saying […]

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More Shocks To The Food Industry Are Coming As COVID-19 Continues To Disrupt Supply Chains

Before you bite into that burger, consider that the nature of the food supply chains in the US is changing and continues to change as COVID-19 drives up prices and makes is very hard for people to afford meats and other goods they once purchased with ease. According to a report from MSN news, the […]

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A Second Wave Of The Virus Would Cause Even More Devastation has pointed out that the COVID-19 coronavirus has wreaked a lot of economic devastation, but is this it? I have said that such is not true, but like a storm, the preparation for a second wave. The Wall Street Journal notes this, saying that a second wave will be incredibly destructive, even more than […]

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