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Race Had Nothing To Do With The Rayshard Brooks Shooting, His Own Criminal Behavior Destroyed Him

First it was the incident with George Floyd. Now scarcely two weeks after that incident, from which followed countless international protests, riots, fires, and all sorts of activity around the world- some of it understandable and a lot of it unbalanced -there is another potentially incendiary event that has taken place in Atlanta, the capitol […]

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Thumbnail Atlanta is on fire

Anti-Police Gangs Are Setting Atlanta On Fire Over The Death Of Rayshard Brooks, As The United States Is Becoming A Country Of Mob Violence

By Theodore Shoebat Anti-police gangs are setting Atlanta on fire as they are enraged about Rayshard Brooks getting shot because he tried to use a taser against an officer. What this shows is that the United States is getting more entrenched into mob violence:

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