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Left Wing Fanatics Start Taking Down Statue. They Attack A Man Who Tried To Defend The Statue. The Man Takes Out His Pistol And Shoots One Of The Fanatics

By Theodore Shoebat There is a frenzy for removing statues, an iconoclasm that reflects an hysterical outrage while and provoking a dangerous rage. The Left, in their war against authority and in their fantasy to replace the State with their own utopian vision, has been removing the states; the Right, on the other hand, has […]

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COVID-19 Cases Massively Increase All Across The South

It is not a problem. You are making this up. Everything is going to be fine. Just go on with your life and stop worrying. The disease is going to go away and nobody is sick. According to a recent story from ThompsonReuters, COVID-19 cases are, not surprisingly as we have been warning with near […]

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NYPD Denies That Fast-Food Employees May Have Attempted To Poison Police Officers’ Food

The New York post reports that after an investigation, the NYPD has found ‘no criminality’ in what were allegations of a poisoning attempt of three NYPD officers that landed the latter three in hospital care. The NYPD said it found no criminality by Shake Shack workers in connection with the hospitalization of three officers who […]

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Report: Top-Secret Turkish Plans To Invade Greece And Armenia Exposed has written for years that Turkey, not Iraq, Iran, or Syria, or even Saudi Arabia, is a real danger because Turkey is a historical imperial power who has always seen herself as such and has ambitions of glory and recovering what she believes to be her lost empire. Turkey has a history of violence, […]

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All Police Officers May Want To Seriously Consider A Career Change

According to Reuters, Officer Rolfe of the Rayshard Brooks shooting appears that he will be prosecuted as news is being made about previous complaints. The former Atlanta police officer who shot and killed Rayshard Brooks last week was previously reprimanded for use of force involving a firearm, according to records released to Reuters by the […]

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Statue Of Famed Confederate General Robert E. Lee Defaced With Pro-LGBT And BLM Signs

In a story reported by CNN and in something that bears a historically similar countenance to actions taken by the revolutionaries during the French Revolution, a statue of Confederate war general Robert E. Lee was defaced with pro-LGBT and BLM signs. ctivists in Richmond, Virginia, projected the image of a pride flag and ‘BLM’ on […]

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