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thumbnail gladiators and pagan savagery

The Gladiatorial Matches Were Human Sacrificial Rituals And A Demonstration Of The Evils Of Paganism

By Theodore & Walid Shoebat It was not enough to be wrong about the knowledge of God. They lived in a state of evil warfare, but they were so ignorant that they called it peace. — Wisdom 12:22 “For the amphitheater is consecrated to names more numerous and more dire than is the Capitol itself, […]

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Trump Declares That ‘Some Americans’ Wear Masks Not To Protect Them From COVID-19, But Because They Don’t Like Him

Some people say that COVID-19 is not a threat. Some say it is not a threat. Regardless of what one believes or does not believe, the fact is that there is a relationship between masks and social distancing and the spread of COVID-19. That said, a recent article from CNBC reports that Trump has said […]

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Indian Now Trolling China With Pictures Of ‘Winnie Xi Pooh’

For years now, Americans and people in other western nations have trolled Communist China leader Xi Jinping with pictures of him compared to or alongside the famed English cartoon character Winnie the Pooh by A.A. Milne. This trolling, sometimes known as “Winnie Xi Pooh” has infuriated President Xi to the delight of the trolls. With […]

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Trump May Lose To Biden

I have said before that unless circumstances change, Trump was likely guaranteed a 2020 victory. However, as I have been noting, not only are the circumstances changing, but they have changed, and quite significantly, so much that the New York Times reports that there is a chance that Trump really may lose in the 2020 […]

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Officer Rolfe Charged With Felony Murder In Rayshard Brooks Shooting

In an update to the ongoing case of Officer Rolfe and the shooting of Rayshard Brooks which we have been covering at, AP News reports that Officer Rolfe is being charged with felony murder. Prosecutors brought murder charges Wednesday against the white Atlanta police officer who shot Rayshard Brooks in the back, saying that […]

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