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Poll: Americans Are Unhappier Than Ever

Happiness can mean a lot of things for different people, and one cannot expect to please everyone. However, a recent poll as reported by the AP declares that Americans are unhappier than ever right now and these rates are the highest they have been at in 50 years. It’s been a rough year for the […]

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Steven Carrillo (left) murdered Officer Underwood during a George Floyd protest in Oakland. He was a part of the Right-wing fanatic anti-government Boogaloo movement

The Man Who Murdered A Police Officer In Oakland During The George Floyd Protest Was A Right-Wing Militant

By Theodore Shoebat When it was reported that a police officer in Oakland, Patrick Underwood, was murdered as he was trying to keep the peace in a George Floyd protest, many of us assumed that the killing was committed by Afro-centric militants bent on killing police officers. Well, we assumed wrong. The FBI just confirmed […]

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Former Soviet President Gorbachev Denies Existence Of Past Plans To Sell The Region Of Karelia To Finland

One of the problems that I have noted which Russia faces is that she is collapsing from within and does not really know how to restore order because the problems are systematic and there is no effective way to remedy them at the time. She may be the largest nation in the world, but her […]

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“Best Korea” Threatens To Invade South Korea

North Korea has been sometimes referred to as “best Korea”, albeit this is rather comical considering that North Korea is an impoverished backwater and buffer zone used by the Chinese, Russians, Japanese, and Americans for their own geopolitical leverage. The small northeast asian nation has techincally been at continual war with South Korea since the […]

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Video Shows Black Mob Horrifically Beating White Man In Maryland

By Theodore Shoebat A video shows a mob, consisting mainly of black males, attacking a white male horrifically in Maryland. The video is being presented by media outlets as just a brawl or a fight, but the reality is that this was a horrific attack by a mob of very evil people: Ocean City Maryland. […]

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06172020b Warning Resonates Again As Soldiers Killed In Northern India Over Territory Skirmish Between China And India

I have been saying for a long time at that the US will not help Indian Christians because she is preparing for a conflict with China and is attempting to build up India to use her as a hedge against the Chinese, pitting the third and fourth strongest militaries and first and second most […]

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Boston Dynamics Puts Robot Dog Of Internet Fame Up For Sale

A few years ago, the world was shocked by the progress of robotics in the modern era as exemplified by “Spot”, a robotic dog developed by the technology corporation Boston Dynamics, that integrates AI and machinery into a futuristic creation of metal, wires, and computer parts. But what is perhaps even more amazing is that, […]

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